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Parking Lot Crack Repair

Parking Lot Repairs ToolLearn about the best parking lot crack repair products. Dealing with cracks in asphalt stops water from penetrating cracks and causing damage to the pavement's foundation. In fall and winter, water gets into the cracks and as it freezes, it swells, causing the crack itself to expand and get larger.

It is important to have an asphalt crack repair program to protect your asphalt investment. When left untreated, seemingly simple tracks become parking lot pot holes, sunken areas or even large crevices. Before you know it, you're looking at expensive repairs and in extreme cases – replacement.

Guide to Crack RepairLearn about the best crack repair equipment to use to fill cracks in your parking lot. Choosing the right crack repair equipment can depend on the size of the parking lot and the kind of cracks that appear on the asphalt surface. As an example, large half inch or wider cracks require more cleaning compared to smaller hair line cracks.

Parking Lot Crack Repair Is Easy!

Step 1: Thoroughly clean the crack of all dirt, debris and vegetation.

Step 2: Fill deep cracks with sand.

Step 3: Apply hot pour crackfiller or cold pour rubberized crack filler to the crack and let it dry.


Parking Lot Crack Repair Heat Lance ToolCracks should be free of all dirt, grass and weeds before sealing the cracks in asphalt. You can remove any vegetation from the cracks with a crack cleaning machine. You can also fill the cracks with sand (leaving a half inch in free depth) before you apply a hot pour rubberized crackfiller. There is no point using more crackfill than you need to. Keep your costs per linear feet down and make sure that you're doing a quality job.

Smaller cracks on the other hand don't require as much preparation and can be blown out with a gas powered blower or compressor. Once the crack has been cleaned from any loose debris, you can then use your crack filling machine to seal the cracks.

If there are potholes present in the parking lot, use an asphalt cold patch to fill them quickly and easily.

Before After Crack Repair
Before and After Parking Lot Repair

Once you have sealed the parking lot cracks you should apply a blacktop sealcoat for ultimate surface protection. Got a passion for crack repair? Looking for a great way to be your own boss, work your own hours, and be outside day after day?  Read our free guide to starting your own crack repair business.

We have a team of expert advisors that are here to provide you with a free expert consultation. We can help you with any questions regarding black top crack repair and will be happy to provide you with our honest cut to the chase guidance.You can call us toll free at 1-866-399-5562 to speak with an AK Advisor or fill out the Have a Question form below.