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Sales Tips & Techniques

Asphalt Maintenance Marketing & Sales Tips

How do I market my business without spending a lot of money?

There are a few things every business needs to add credibility to their name and to increase knowledge about the business: business cards, flyers or brochures, and a website.

Business cards and other printed materials can be done cheaply at home with our free marketing package. You can easily set up a Facebook page to advertise online and connect with your customers, and you can also invest in company truck magnets and lawn signs to advertise while you're out working.

How do I hone my door-to-door sales technique?

Judd Burdon, president of Asphalt Kingdom, has made a helpful video on how to go door to door:

Door-to-Door Sales Techniques
How can I build my reputation?

An easy way to build your reputation is online. Ask your customers to like your Facebook page and to leave comments on your page. Your customers' testimonials will help prospective customers see how you do business. You can also add your business to Yelp, LinkedIn, and Google+ to further build your credibility and have more places for your customers to leave testimonials (a customer may prefer using Yelp over Facebook, for example).

You can also post pictures of your finished work to your website/social media pages, and blog about your services. If potential customers see that you know what you're talking about and can deliver the results they want, they'll likely want to do business with you.

How much should I be charging?
First, you should figure out what the current rate is in your area. You can have your friends and family call competing businesses for their quotes to see what the current range is. You can also check out Judd's article on how much you can earn.
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