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Sealer Spray Tip

Spray Tips

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  • Sealer Spray Tip Sealer Spray Tip

Spray Tips

Quick Overview

Choose the size you need in spray tips to get the fan spray to match your sealcoating jobs. Sold in sets of 5.
Starting at: $45.00
Product Name Price Qty
2 GPM Quick Connect Spray Tip x 5 2 GPM Quick Connect Spray Tips for the AK Gladiator
3GPM Quick Connect Spray Tip x 5 3 GPM Quick Connect Tips for the Gladiator Spray System
4 GPM Quick Connect Spray Tip x 5 4 GPM Quick Connect Tips for the AK Gladiator Spray System

Availability: In stock

Spray tips are needed to control the flow of the sealer sprayTop of the line AK Stainless Steel Spray Tips. We offer different size spray tips to spray different size fan sprays, to match your sealcoating preference or job type. Minimum quantity is 5 tips.

Please note: If your spray gun was purchased prior to 2013 and has the older screw-in type of tip, these tips will not work for you. These tips are designed to be quick-release and not screw-in. If you have an older gun, please upgrade to a new ball valve spray gun with quick-release tips.

Buy your spray tips in bulk for discounts:

  • Buy any 2 sets for a $5 discount off each set
  • Buy any 3 sets for a $10 discount off each set
  • Buy any 4+ sets for a $12.50 discount off each set

The Bottom Line

At Asphalt Kingdom, we know that the right size spray tip is essential to a professional sealcoating result. That’s why we offer a choice of 2, 3, and 4 gallons per minute (GPM) tips.

How To Choose The Right Tip Size

2 GPM has the slowest rate of flow, and that gives you a smaller fan spray with less bounce back, giving you precise control of the seal coat application. This is our best-seller since that precision cuts down on protecting from overspray time, and it gives you the ability to do edging without a lot of prep work. You can see exactly how precise and fast in this video of real-time driveway sealcoating.

3 GPM has a higher rate of flow, to help you tackle small to medium size parking lots more quickly. Although less precise, these spray tips deliver 50% more product to the surface, and on larger areas the time you spend masking to protect against overspray is more than made up for in applying to the larger area.

4 GPM has the highest rate of flow, and is most useful on large parking lots where you are not concerned about overspray.

When you are a busy sealcoating company, you know how essential the right spray tip is for your business. You also know that as they wear, the fan spray gets sloppy and loses the precision you need for professional results. Be sure to replace with an order of 5 spray tips in the size that works best for your job sites.

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Spray Tips Sealcoating Spray Tips for sealcoat sprayers. High quality, several sizes. JB-H14U5020-1 Spray Tips 45 Asphalt Kingdom