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Equipment for Starting a Sealcoating Business


If you’re ready to earn a thousand dollars a week or more in profit, then a sealcoating business is the perfect choice! It’s so easy to learn that students start it as a successful summer business to cover their school bills for the rest of the year. Asphalt Kingdom started out as a one-man asphalt sealcoating business, and that’s why we give the best advice because we’re the experts who have been there. Free shipping, friendly advice, be your own boss, while making big profits. Starting a sealcoating business is one of the best ways to financial independence where you can control your own destiny.

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Sealcoating Business Package

Work outside, be your own boss and earn hundreds of dollars per day with this turnkey asphalt sealcoating business package.


Asphalt Repair Bundle

A spray system plus crackfill melter-applicator made for large lanes or parking lots.



Parking Lot Contractor's Package

Parking lot seal coating is a business that stands the test of time: all properties look better with a fresh blacktop!


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What Do I Need To Get My Own Asphalt Sealing Company Started?

You can start as simply as buying homeowner’s driveway package, but that is hard, slow work. Nothing wrong with that, but you will only manage a few jobs a day, if that!

What you really require is an efficient, professional, and fast way to apply the sealer coat by spraying. Whether it’s direct from the drum, or a full spray system that you transfer to, a sprayer gives you the speed you need, with a professionally even layer.

You will require other tools. First and foremost a way to clean the asphalt surface before spraying (otherwise the sealer will just peel off in no time). This can be as simple as using a broom, or save time and work more quickly with a gas blower.

A final consideration is the ability to offer crack repair as part of your asphalt sealcoating business. Cracks are lethal to the life expectancy of pavement, and repairing them is not only good for your clients, it’s extremely profitable.

Again, repairing cracks can be as simple as cold pour crackfiller, all the way up to a machine that melts and applies hot pour at walking speed.

All of the equipment and tools are simple for anyone to learn how to use, and we’ve got all the courses you need to learn how.

You can start right away with our Start Your Own Asphalt Business Course by clicking here.

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