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36 Boxes of Hot Rubber Crack Filler (Pallet)

36 boxes of driveway crack filler

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Regular Price: $2,430.00

Today’s Price: $1,890.00

You Save: $540.00

HUGE Savings when purchasing a complete pallet of rubber crack filler. 12,600 linear ft of filler.

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Buy in bulk and save! A full pallet of hot pour crack filler saves you money versus buying each box of crack filler separately. 5 year shelf life.

The Bottom Line

Asphalt Kingdom's Hot Rubberized Crack filler is used to  seal cracks  or joints in asphalt or concrete surfaces, which are up to 1" in width and up to 1/2" in depth. 1-2 hr drying time.

crack repaired with crackfillerAsphalt Kingdom's Crack filler must be heated in a  melting kettle or hot rubberized crackfiller applicator melter before use. It will only be effective if you use the crackfiller in cracks that have been thoroughly cleaned out before you fill them. Pour right from your pour pot or kettle melter into the crack and should yield approximately a rate of 300 to 400 linear feet per 50 pound box of crack filler.


 Asphalt Kingdom Hot Pour CrackFiller:

  • 300 to 400 linear feet of coverage per 50 lbs box of crackfill.
  • 100% professional-grade rubberized asphalt crack sealer locks out moisture and ice.
  • Stays in place and protects your driveway for 3-4 years.
  • Dries in 2 hours.
  • Ships to your door immediately in 4 to 7 business days.
  • 5 year Shelf Life.
  • Non Flammable below 400 degrees F.
  • Works in both direct-fire and oil-jacketed machines.


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Dimensions: 40" W x 48" L x 46" H
Weight: 2,025 lbs

Download the MSDS for Hot Rubber Crack Filler

Dimensions: 40" W x 48" L x 46" H
Weight: 1,800 lbs




36 Boxes of Hot Rubber Crack Filler (Pallet) Use our commercial grade hot pour rubberized blacktop crack filler to seal up cracks and prevent the foundation from eroding and causing potholes. AK50-PCF 36 Boxes of Hot Rubber Crack Filler (Pallet) 1890 Asphalt Kingdom
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