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Crack Repair Machines

How do I clean the nozzle on my crack repair machine?

One of the RynoWorx Crack Repair Machines' greatest advantages is how much bigger the nozzle is than the competition's.  That means it's less prone to plugging up when you're on the job.

Another innovation is that it is fully removable for cleaning. Start by heating it up with your accessory torch.  Using a pair of heat-proof gloves or vice grips, slide the valve right out and let the excess material flow out. This will leave a clear passage for the next crack repair job you are doing.  

Can I melt thermoplastic?

You can not melt the thermoplastic with the melter machine.

The torch will not ignite or the torch will not stay lit

Possible Causes

  • 1) The fuel level could be too low
  • 2) The propane cylinder valve could be partially or fully closed, which can restrict fuel flow
  • 3)The pressure regulator valve may be in the off position or may not be providing sufficient fuel flow
  • Known Solutions

    • 1) Check and refill your fuel tank
    • 2) Ensure your fuel valve is fully open. You can do this by turning the knob fully counter-clockwise
    • 3) You may increase the pressure from the regulator by turning the knob clockwise

How do I know the crack fill won't clog up where it bottlenecks in the spout?

It's good to clean it out completely after 5 uses; otherwise, there is a possibility of charring rubber in areas where there may be multiple layers of rubber built up. To clean it, heat it up and scrape it out with a scraper on a broom handle. Then start fresh with a brand new box of crack fill.

Could we use a 50ft hose instead of a 25ft with the asphalt crack cleaning heat lance?

The 25ft hose that comes with the heat lance is ergonomically designed for easy maneuvering and easy access to cracks. Due to the size of the compressor, a 25ft hose is the max as we lose too much psi at 50ft and would not provide enough volume of air to work. The machine cannot be modified as designed.

Can I purchase parts for the Asphalt Crack Cleaning Heat Lance, like hoses and heat lance?

Yes, replacement parts such as quick connect, hose fitting, hose, regulator and tire assembly are also available.

How do you assemble the RY10 Pro or RY10 Elite?

This video shows you step by step how to assemble the RY10 Pro or RY10 Elite Crackfill Melter Applicator.

The asphalt comes out too quickly even by barely touching the release valve, is there something I can do to get the flow slower, or the release less touchy?

To make it a little easier to control the flow of the crackfill:

  • Lower the temperature of the kettle and it will cause the rubber to flow more slowly.
  • Lengthen the control arm for the valve by adjusting the turnbuckle. That way, you will be able to have the handle closer to the handlebars, and your hand will be more closed, which should provide more control for the valve operation.
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