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Minimize Your Blacktop Driveway Cost With Proper Asphalt Maintenance

With home values continuing to drop, most homeowners are reluctant to invest heavily in expensive home improvement projects. The typical replacement blacktop driveway cost can run into the thousands of dollars. Asphalt replacement projects are not only very expensive; they can also be time-consuming and extremely disruptive for a busy family that needs access to their driveway.

An alternative to having to budget for an expensive replacement blacktop driveway cost is to properly care for and maintain your existing asphalt. With a minimum of effort and far less expense, you can keep all of your asphalt surfaces in good condition for decades. The products and equipment you will need to maintain your asphalt are for cleaning and repairing cracks, removing vehicle fluid stains, and for sealcoating. All of these items can be purchased from Asphalt Kingdom and delivered directly to your home or place of business.

Because we are dedicated to helping you save money through the proper care of your asphalt investment, we offer the lowest possible prices and a highly qualified customer service team of experts that can answer all of your questions and provide you with the support to help you minimize your overall blacktop driveway cost.

When budgeting for your blacktop cost, driveway experts recommend that you purchase commercial-grade products that have extended durability and long shelf lives. For example, our 1-gallon Elasta-fill cold pour driveway crack filler can fill up to 150 linear feet of cracks. It can keep cracks from becoming larger and wider for several years and will remain useable in the bottle for up to three years.

If you’ve got any potholes in your blacktop driveway, you want to fill them right away, before they spread and become bigger. We’re pleased to offer our new Asphalt Kingdom Cold Asphalt Patch that makes the job fast and easy. Its unique chemical makeup means that it adheres to the foundations inside the pothole, preventing any spreading. This rapid-setting cold patch works in any season, and takes just three easy steps from start to finish.

We also recommend the use of coal tar asphalt sealer for keeping your blacktop driveway cost to a minimum. Unlike other types of sealers, coal tar asphalt sealer will provide effective coverage for two to three years before requiring an additional coat. It only requires a squeegee for application and dramatically protects your asphalt from damaging UV rays, as well as from rain, snow, ice, salt, sand, tree roots, vehicle leaks, and earth movement.

Finally, diligently removing oil stains with a degreaser before they begin to burn through your asphalt can also substantially reduce your need to budget for patch or replacement blacktop driveway cost. The Asphalt Kingdom Industrial Strength Degreaser and Oil Stain Removal Product is a must-have for quickly cleaning up spills and stains, and it is also highly effective for cleaning a wide variety of other items around the house such as tools, lawnmowers, and garden equipment.

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