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Seal Coating Spray Is An Essential Part Of Driveway Maintenance

Seal Coating Spray Is An Essential Part Of Driveway MaintenanceWe don’t think twice about taking care of the walls of our home, but somehow protecting the integrity of your driveway gets lost in the shuffle. No one has ever left a broken window unsecured on their home, and yet who worries about small cracks in the parking area? Your asphalt deserves the same respect and treatment you give to the rest of your house. Seal coating spray is the essential part of maintaining your asphalt to ensure that it stays intact and whole.

Neglect Leads To Cracks

Just as wood needs staining or painting, your driveway needs to have a layer of defence. As the sun oxidizes and dries up the asphalt, it becomes brittle. Water is able to seep in, causing erosion, and making cracks. Oil and solvents can now penetrate and eat away at the surface, creating more damage. In the end this will lead to having to replace the entire driveway, at a great expense! Simply by keeping up with seal coating spray, twice a year, will save you this costly headache.

Quality Matters

Saving money is the name of the game, but when it comes to quality, buying cheap can be a false economy. Cheap sealers are cheaper because they are watered down, and don’t use high grade ingredients. Look for a sealcoat that is used by airports; they can’t afford to have an inferior product in their line of work! Coal tar is a premium component as it stands the test of time, and provides the best protection against oil, solvents, and weather. Remember, a watered down seal coating spray is going to take a lot longer to cure and will leave you with a very thin layer!

Do It Yourself Or Hire A Contractor?

Sealcoating your blacktop driveway is not difficult, anyone can learn how. As a matter of fact, it’s an excellent idea to know exactly what is involved. With the information at hand, you can decide whether it’s worth your time to do it yourself, or hire someone. More importantly, knowledge is power, and you’ll know how to avoid an asphalt scam from a fly-by-night sealing company! You already know the most important question to ask is about the type of seal coating spray they use.

Is The Equipment Expensive?

As with everything in this world, you can buy machines to make the job easy. However, it can be done, simply, with brooms and brushes, it doesn’t have to be sprayed. The equipment investment is entirely up to you, and what you’re comfortable with. Perhaps you have friends and family who’d like to hire you to do their driveways, too. Then renting or buying sealcoating equipment makes sense.

Treat your driveway as well as you treat the exterior of your house. You wouldn’t leave a broken window unrepaired, so why let your asphalt crack and crumble? Take the time to check the condition of your blacktop. How? Pour a bucket of water on it. If it beads up, like on a freshly waxed car, you’re in great shape. If not, it’s time for a seal coating spray job!

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