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liquid pour crack sealer

Liquid Pour Crack Sealer


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  • liquid pour crack sealer liquid pour crack sealer

Liquid Pour Crack Sealer

Quick Overview

High performance liquid pour crack sealer in a 55-gallon drum.

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Fill cracks in asphalt without needing to melt rubberized crackfiller! This 55 gallon drum liquid pour crack sealer is ideal for any institution or large property that needs to maintain its own asphalt surfaces, but without the extra cost of specialized equipment.

This crackfiller product pours easily and protects the repaired crack for years.

The Bottom Line

Preparing for crack fillerThis high-performance asphalt crack sealer is based from asphalt emulsion and can be used for cracks up to 1/2" wide. Not only does it work on asphalt, it also works in concrete!

Once poured, the product dries hard, achieving a rubber-like consistency. The crack is now sealed and has become water-resistant, making your surface perfectly prepared for sealcoating.

How to Apply

  1. Clean cracks to remove dirt, dust, and any loose rocks or vegetation.
  2. Cracks that are deeper than 1/2" need to be filled in with sand until the crack is 1/2" deep.
  3. Pour the liquid crack sealer into your cracks.
  4. Scrape or squeegee the poured sealer so it becomes flush with the surface.
  5. Apply dry sand liberally over your filled cracks while they are still wet.

Caution: There are certain weather conditions needed for the proper use of this product. You need to apply this liquid pour filler above temps of 50°F and should only use this on days without precipitation forecasted. You should only use this product for cracks under 1/2" wide.

Coverage rate: 1 gallon of this asphalt crack sealer fills from 200 linear feet to 225 linear feet of 1/4 in² cracks.

Also available in a pallet of four drums. Save hundreds of dollars by buying in bulk!

Dimensions 48 x 48 x 40
Weight 600lbs

Download the MSDS for Liquid Pour Crack Sealer

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Liquid Pour Crack Sealer If you need to maintain your own parking lots, invest in a drum of liquid pour crack sealer. No need for specialized equipment to melt this crackfiller. lastek33 Liquid Pour Crack Sealer 695 Asphalt Kingdom