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Asphalt Kettles & Melting Ovens for Sale


Is your business ready to enter the big leagues? Then it's time to look at an asphalt kettle melter. These compact machines melt large quantities of hot pour crack filler in record time, and keep it hot and ready on the job site all day long. Having a lot of melted rubberized crackfill at hand means you don't have to stop and wait for your machine - your team can keep sealing without stopping. Our top-of-the-line all-steel melting ovens feature all-steel construction and convenient manual agitation to keep your crack filler uniformly heated throughout the day.

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RY30 Gallon Crack Sealer Melter Oven

Industry-exclusive: dual burner 30 gallon melter kettle melts rubber cubes of crack filler for crack filling.


Crack Repair Combo Package

Start a Crack Repair Business and you can make $1000 (or more) a week in profits.



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Do I Really Need A Larger Device For Melting Asphalt?

To decide whether or not using melting ovens makes sense for your company is simple. It takes under 7 minutes for the AK10 Gallon Melter Applicator to heat 40lbs of rubberized crack filler, which is fast! Now, how many times on the job site are you stuck waiting that 7 minutes? If you’re using more than 40lbs of crack fill a day, then your business would benefit from an asphalt kettle. Those minutes add up to being able to do another job site, or more, a day.

Larger companies get larger benefits. When you have a fleet of crack repair equipment, the savings multiply. The melting oven becomes the station where all the machines can fill up quickly and easily, and get right back out repairing asphalt.

All business owners know that to increase profits, you must be able to complete the work quickly and professionally. When it comes to crack filling, the easiest way to cut time without cutting corners is with melting ovens. That way you spend less time waiting and more time repairing.

Finally, don’t forget to calculate which size works best for you. Don’t waste your money buying a unit that is too small, or too large, for your needs now, and in the future. Need help deciding? Call us toll free at 1-866-399-5562

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