RY10MK Pro Melter Kettle

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Industry-first halo burner melter kettle designed to melt rubber crack filler for filling asphalt cracks. Bolt it to a truck or trailer, or carry it around your jobsite. Read more
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If you're looking for a faster, safer, cheaper way to melt hot rubber crack filler anywhere on the job site, this is your melter. The RY10MK Pro Portable 10-Gallon Kettle is designed to be attached to a trailer or truck, or you can put it on a skid and move it around the job site as you work.

  • SAFER: Flame-out Sensors means no dangerous backflashes or flame-outs commonly caused by wind. Plus, it is full equipped with CSA/UL approved regulator to provide precise control over fuel flow to the kettle.
  • FASTER: Single halo burner melts crack filler 50% faster compared to traditional torch melters.
  • TOUGHER: Steel design means virtually no maintenance.

The RY10MK Pro uses a unique, patent-pending sealed burner design that melts 50-pound bricks of hot rubber crack filler much more quickly - and more evenly - than torch-fired models. Because the burner is sealed, you can kiss flame-outs goodbye. What's more, it uses less fuel than traditional melter-applicators too - 35-50% less fuel, depending on ambient temperature. Time saved = money in your pocket!

The burner has another great feature - an automatic flame-out sensor. This means that should the flame go out for any reason, the RY10MK Pro will stop fuel from flowing to the burner. No more dangerous build-up of propane waiting for the next person who tries to light the machine - and no more wasted propane, either!

Lighting a melter has never been easier. The RY10MK Pro has an electric push-button ignition so you never have to fumble around for a striker or lighter again.

The kettle also has a UL-approved regulator and fuel lines, so you know that you'll have complete control over the amount of fuel that's going to the burner at any point. It's also got an insulated spacer between your propane cylinder and the heat of the kettle, which means a longer-lasting tank.

This machine includes a glycerine-filled thermometer for longer-lasting, precise readings. Use the sturdy molasses valve on the side to dispense crack fill to your pour pot once it reaches temperature.

RynoWorx powder coated this machine inside and out so it will last. It's been tested to work optimally at temperatures from -13°F to 104°F. Expect to get enough material melted to cover approximately six hundred feet of hot pour rubberized crackfill per hour using this machine and a bander.

The RY10MK Pro rethinks the way crack repair equipment should work. If safety, speed, and savings are on your requirement list, this is the right machine for you.

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Ready To ShipYes
Fluid Capacity10 US Gallons
Kettle Steel Thickness14 gauge
Assembled Dimensions24.9" x 22.0" x 38.0"
Empty Weight125 lbs / 56.8 kg
Max Capacity Weight223 lbs / 101.4 kg
Fuel TypePropane
Max Fuel Pressure5 psi
Burner Type50,000 BTU/hr
Cast Iron Sealed Burners
Valve Type2" Molasses Valve
Agitation TypeManual

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  1. Billy Hobby

    Highly recommended



    Very professional and courteous. Got product quickly at a fair price and it works great. Highly recommended
  2. Adam Chapman

    The customer experience with Action Seal is like no other. The staff is extremely knowledgeable with everything from product specifics to business advice. Overall incredible experience and incredible products.
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FAQs (3)
Customer Questions

I have left over tar in my machine. Is it okay to leave it there and reheat it at a later time?

Absolutely! You just have to heat it up again when you are ready to use it.

How soon can you drive on newly filled cracks?

As soon as the crackfiller comes down to ambient temperature - sometimes as soon as 30-45 minutes when it is hot, and more quickly in cooler temperatures. Test with a stick: if you push down on the crackfiller and the crackfill doesn't tack to the stick, you're good to drive on it.

How often should I clean my crack repair machine?

It's good to clean it out completely after 5 uses; otherwise there is a possibility of charring rubber in areas where there may be multiple layers of rubber built up.

To clean it, heat it up and scrape it out with a scraper on a broom handle. Then start fresh with a brand new box of crackfill.  

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