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Essential Equipment And Products For Pothole Repairs

AK Vibrating Plate
Whether you are a homeowner with an asphalt driveway or a business owner with an asphalt-paved parking lot, it is a primary concern that these surfaces are properly maintained. Aside from ensuring that your property looks well maintained, a smooth and pothole-free asphalt surface is also good for the vehicles that pass through them. A well maintained asphalt surface does not have to mean spending a lot by getting the services of road repair experts all the time. By investing in a few products and tools, you can perform basic repairs yourself and save some money.

First, you need to have cleaning tools. These are important for pothole repairs because the hole has to be cleaned off first before filling it. Cleaning tools can be as simple as a broom to sweep off debris, plant material, soil, and loose asphalt inside the pothole. You will also need a chisel to chip off the pothole’s edges that are crumbling or loosened. For some people, a screwdriver can also do the same job.

You will also need a tamping post or hand tamper, vibrating plate, or anything that you can use to compact the sand and asphalt filler. If you are using sand in pothole repairs to replace the asphalt foundation that has been washed away, it has to be tamped down so that it is stable and compact. If it is not tamped down well enough, the filler will settle, resulting in pits or a new hole after a few weeks of steady vehicular traffic. Aside from the sand or foundation replacement, the asphalt filler itself needs to be tamped down after pouring it in so that air pockets are eliminated and the filler blends in or bonds well with the existing asphalt.

As for the filler needed for pothole repairs, there are two types that one can choose from: the cold asphalt and the hot asphalt patch. An example of the former is a product called the Cold Asphalt Patch. This is the type that is most recommended for residential and non-professional users. It is durable, does not require specialized equipment, and people of various skill levels in home improvement and repairs can easily use it.

Some homeowners and proprietors of larger properties where more extensive repairs are required opt for using hot asphalt. While durable and is perceived to last longer than the cold type, pothole repairs with hot asphalt is best done by a professional. Handling hot asphalt has to be done properly because of the potential danger in the event of an accident.

Working with hot asphalt also calls for additional equipment. First, there is the machine that will melt and apply the asphalt on the pothole. An asphalt hot box is also needed especially for large-scale jobs where more than one potholes need to be filled. This box will ensure that the hot asphalt will stay hot and be easily applied. Without this box, the hot asphalt will quickly cool down and become solidified before it can be applied. Pothole repairs also call for sealcoat and a squeegee to apply it by hand, or a sprayer if one wants to sealcoat the repaired pothole much faster.

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