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Replacement Mesh Filter for the Filter Kit

Replacement Mesh Filter for the Filter Kit

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Make sure your filter kit is filtering out solids and debris with a replacement mesh filter.

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This 2" mesh filter fits perfectly within the 2" strainer section of our filter kit, keeping solidified chunks of sealer, small rocks, and other debris from entering your spray gun.

The stainless steel mesh is durable, but should be maintained to reduce the possibility of any problems in the future. Cleaning is easy with this sealcoat tank strainer; just take off the cap to the filter kit, pull out the screen/mesh filter, and soak it in water overnight. This will remove any sealer that is on the mesh and will keep your filter kit working great.

Why Use a Filter Kit?

A filter kit is important for even spraying; it prevents sealer solids and large particles from reaching your spray gun. If you don't use a filter, your spraying pattern can become uneven...if you get something stuck at the tip of your spray gun, you could get multiple streams of sealer coming out in random directions or you could get a weak trickle of sealer. Neither of these will give you professional sealcoating results, and will waste your time fixing.

When Do I Need to Replace The Mesh?

You should replace the screen when you notice less efficacy with your filter kit. If things get stuck within the screen, that means there are fewer holes for your sealer to get through, possibly giving you a less powerful spray.

It may also be a good idea to have a back-up for busy days.

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