Property Owner's Package

Property Owner's Package

Looking to repair and maintain the asphalt on a large residential driveway? This package has all the tools you need.
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RY10 Asphalt Crack Fill Machine

Melt and apply rubber asphalt crack filler very easily at walking speed with this crack fill machine.

Special Price $1,199.00 was $1,349.00
AK55 Sealer Sprayer for Drums
Drum sold separately. Ball valve spray wand included.
Pallet of Coal Tar Sealer

Commercial-grade sealer used to enhance the appearance and prolong the life of asphalt surfaces.

Special Price $1,399.00 was $1,736.00
Deery Crack Sealant 36 Boxes / 1,080 lbs
Deery Super Stretch Crack Sealant 36 30-lb Boxes / Half Pallet. 1,080 lbs of crack sealer. You can cover 7,200 linear feet of cracks with a half-pallet.
Hose Reel (Truck or Trailer Mount)
No more tangled up hoses in your truck that lead to kinks, costing you time and aggravation. Look professional, save time and increase your hose's lifespan by reeling it in on this device instead of piling it up.
Drum Mixer
Properly mixed sealer can be the difference between a poor, inconsistent finish and a great finish that leads to repeat business. Add this 46" drill mixer extension to efficiently prep and mix your sealer before application.
Filter Kit with Removable Filter
Save time and prevent sealer from spraying unwanted items. Prevents chunks of sealer from clogging spray system nozzles.
AK Sealcoating Trigger Spray Wand
Add the Trigger Spray Wand to enhance the performance of your sealcoat sprayer for fine finish work. This Trigger Spray Wand delivers a beautiful precision control fan spray at your finger tips.
Sealcoat Edger
One-man operation for neat sealcoat edging without overspray, preventing costly cleanup time. Long stretches of curbing and building walls can be done in 25% of the time for two people to do the same work with a board. A must have tool for spraying edges.