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Residential Coating

Residential coating or as some say "Residential Sealcoating" with a quality asphalt sealer offers resistance to the elements and substances that can be harmful to a residential driveway. A professional grade asphalt sealer for residential coating that is applied correctly will provide protection against cracking, oxidation, and fading, as well as resist water seepage.

Studies have shown that the regular usage of a residential sealer can save a homeowner tens of thousands of dollars in driveway repair costs.

Understanding Residential Sealcoating

To fully understand how residential sealer works, it’s important to know the basics of asphalt pavement. Asphalt is extensively used for both paving and road construction because of its waterproofing capabilities, flexibility, and adhesive properties.

Prior to the use of asphalt for paving, roads were created by spreading graded aggregates over road beds. Unfortunately, this system of paving resulted in constant repair and maintenance. When asphalt paving technology was developed, it quickly became the preferred material because of its ability to repel water and because of its load-carrying capabilities. Today, asphalt is a mix of stone aggregate, mineral filler, and asphaltic binder, and it’s used widely for both paving and road construction projects.

Although, asphalt has superior adhesive and waterproofing qualities, it has its limitations. It can be damaged by long-term exposure to direct sun, rain, snow, ice, salt. As well, asphalt can loose its binding and waterproofing capabilities by being exposed to oil, gas, salt, and certain chemicals. Often times, the first sign of asphalt deterioration is a change to its color from black to brown, and eventually to grey.

Unlike roads that have a certain level of asphalt protection from the rolling action of traffic, residential asphalt is under day in and day out attack from the elements and chemicals that it is exposed to. The only way to preserve residential asphalt is to protect it with a residential sealcoating.

Most experts, including those at Asphalt Kingdom, recommend that an asphalt sealer for residential coating be applied to driveway every two to three years. There are many residential sealcoating contractors who can effectively seal your driveway, as well as fill cracks and repair potholes.

Homeowners can also seal their own driveway with the use of the correct residential sealer equipment and asphalt products. To find what you need to seal a driveway, go to /supply-store/sealer-store.html. Asphalt Kingdom offers professional grade asphalt sealers, crack fillers and spray systems that provide the highest level of performance, durability, and value.

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