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Seal Repair Kit

Seal Repair Kit

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Complete Seal Repair Kit works with all of our sealcoating spray systems.

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Seal repair kit for sealcoating systemsDon’t get stuck out on a job when a seal breaks with no replacements on hand. You’ll know when your seal is becoming worn when it’s no longer soft, is cracked and/or you’re experiencing a loss of pressure or you’re mopping up leaks. This Seal Repair Kit comes with everything you need to change out seals on any of our sealcoating spray systems.

The Seal Repair Kit includes:

  • 1 seal
  • 4 O-rings
  • 1 impeller bolt gasket

Make sure you’re prepared by carrying additional seals with you at all times, along with the tools you need to replace them. For safety, before you do any work on the seal, turn off all power to the system. Once the new seal is in place, test the system for any leaks.

This Seal Repair Kit works with all our sealcoating spray systems and with free shipping, saves you $21 when you order online.

The Bottom Line

Keep extra seals on hand (along with the tools you’ll need) when you’re out on the job so you can easily replace worn or cracked seals. Our Seal Repair Kit works with all our spray systems and comes with all the essentials to create a good seal.

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