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Hydraulic Agitated Sealcoat Tank

Hydraulic Agitated Sealcoat Tank

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Hydraulic Sealcoating Tank includes forward neutral and reverse gearing for easy agitation.

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300 Gallon Hydraulic Agitated Tank


550 Gallon Hydraulic Agitated Tank


700 Gallon Hydraulic Agitated Tank


1000 Gallon Hydraulic Agitated Tank


1500 Gallon Hydraulic Agitated Tank


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Our hydraulic sealcoat tanks are built to last. We have 7 gauge heads with 10 gauge sidewalls which is hard to find in today's market as companies tend to skimp on steel quality.

Includes a powerful 6.5 HP Honda with hydraulic pump along with forward, reverse & neutral gear control for easy agitation control. 6 paddles with rubber blades assures that the tank remains clean and fully agitated.

The 1.5 inch agitation shaft ensures that your agitation has the strength it needs to survive the rugged abuse that the sealcoating tanks take with heavy sand loads.

Tank is finished with a high quality Primer and Black Paint for protection and to prevent rust.

Our Sealcoating Tanks are designed with the applicator in mind, adding special features to make your job easier. We take pride in manufacturing the most durable equipment, with practical designs to benefit your company. These steel tanks are more durable than less expensive poly tanks and more versatile. You can weld to fix any problem areas and you can also weld parts to the tank to accessorize it. Neither of these things are options on poly tanks. These tanks are also UV resistant.


Will this system spray sealer with sand?

Yes, this unit can handle a normal or light sand load.

AgitationFull sweep 6 paddle with rubber wiper blades for a cleaner tank
Gear Reduction4 to 1
Engine6.5 HP Honda gas engine powers the agitation
  • Large 22″ Manway for easy cleanout with a sand grate and bag splitter
  • 2″ discharge hose
Sizes300 gallons, 550 gallons, 700 gallons, 1000 gallons, 1500 gallons
Construction7 gauge heads with 10 gauge sidewalls
UpgradesCan be upgraded by adding a spray system - call for details.


SizeWeight (shipping)Dimensions
300 Gallons850 lbs89" L x 38" W x 44" H
550 Gallons975 lbs96" L x 48" W x 54" H
700 Gallons1250 lbs96" L x 56" W x 62" H
1000 Gallons1675 lbs109" L x 60" W x 66" H
1500 Gallons2125 lbs134" L x 64" W x 70" H

Hydraulic Agitated Sealcoat Tank Hydraulic sealcoat tanks with sizes available from 300 to 1500 gallons with powerful 6.5hp Honda motor. Call us to order! AirTank Hydraulic Agitated Sealcoat Tank 5399 7699 Asphalt Kingdom
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