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Available Asphalt Sealers For Residential And Commercial Use

Shop Asphalt SealerSealers for asphalt are advantageous not only for its functionality, but for aesthetic purposes as well. When applied, sealers protect your asphalt driveways, allowing them to maintain a rich black color which makes them look nice and clean. Sealing asphalt is effective for anything made of asphalt, from driveways to parking areas and even streets and highways. This petroleum-based material is preferred for its easy low-maintenance requirements. When it is first installed, asphalt is known for its flexibility. But when it gets older, its lightweight oils evaporate while the heavier petroleum components like bitumen dry out and undergo oxidation.

Without asphalt sealers, the remaining asphalt turns gray and loses its flexibility. It becomes brittle and produces a web of cracks, which in the long run turn to holes when objects run over it; these objects chip away the cracked areas, forming potholes. You would then need to replace the asphalt by reinstalling a new layer. With the preventive use of a sealer for asphalt, the material will be protected from decaying and drying out. You will be saving a lot of time, money and effort in having to re-lay your driveway, with just a small effort of maintaining your asphalt driveway by sealing it.

Varieties of asphalt sealers are available these days, expanding your range of choices. Ideally, you would need to pick a product that would be worth its price and would actually provide protection to your driveway for at least two to three years. A dilemma for homeowners who want to maintain their asphalt driveways themselves is which of these residential and commercial sealer choices would be the right pick. Even if you are only trying to maintain a residential driveway, it is still recommended that you buy a commercial-grade sealer.

A reputable supplier should have a supply of commercial-grade sealers available. Sadly, asphalt sealers that are branded for residential use do not really offer too many advantages, and you will just be getting an inferior sealer that has been watered down and does not do much in providing protection to your asphalt pavement or driveway.

Most experts in the field of asphalt laying and sealing claim that sealers made of coal tar material are the most durable and capable in protecting asphalt surfaces from the elements of nature such as snow, sun and rain, among others. Its easy application and environmental friendliness also scores points for a lot of users. Coal tar asphalt sealers also offer at least two years of effective protection from weather and traffic-related wear and tear. This sealant also resists elements that stain asphalt, such as gasoline and other mechanical fluids.

Knowing that coal tar commercial-grade sealers are the best option, it is important for you to mix the asphalt sealer thoroughly before using it. Before attempting to apply sealer to your driveway, stir it very well so that the protective agents of the sealant that have settled in the bottom will be distributed throughout the container. A consistency close to thick soup is ideal for asphalt sealers, but you need to remember that you may only apply sealer after cleaning your driveway and filling in all the holes and cracks.

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