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RY10 PRO and Pallet of Crackfill Combo

RY10 Pro and Full Pallet of Crackfill


Regular Price: $3,880.00

Package Price: $3,009.00

You Save: $871.00

Huge Combo Savings! RY10 PRO Crack Repair Machine & Pallet of Crack Fill Saves you Hundreds!

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RY10 PRO Crack Seal Machine (Reg.$1,450.00)


36 Boxes of Hot Rubber Crack Filler (Pallet) (Reg.$2,430.00)


2 year warrantySave huge when you buy this combo! Designed for the asphalt contractor or do it yourself'er who wants the best price, equipment and service. Tthis package provides the RY10 PRO with 50% faster melting speed, 50% less fuel usage, and a fully electric push-button start so you can get to your job and complete it QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY.

Using less propane than other propane-fired melters as well as retaining heat better with its enclosed base-burner melting plate system, the RY10 PRO is an efficient machine that will help you save money while making money. This is also our favorite machine when it comes to safety, with a heat-shielded fuel line with flame-out sensor, on-the-fly agitation (so you don’t have to stand over the kettle to agitate), and heavy 14-gauge steel walls.

Other benefits:

  • Glycerin-filled thermometer for resisting vibrations
  • Thermometer guard
  • Sturdy 14 gauge steel construction with twin row bearings and grease fittings
  • Removable flow valve for proper cleaning
  • 2-year warranty on frame and frame components

Pair this PRO machine with our full pallet of hot rubberized crack filler, and you’ll have a good start of your crack filling season. Our crack filler is 100% commercial-grade and lasts up to 3-4 years per application. Drying time is 2 hours and has a shelf life of 5 years. Each cube of crackfill can repair from 300-400 feet of cracks. With a pallet of 36 cubes of crackfill, that means you can do (on average) 12,600 feet of crack repairs.

When you can charge from 50 cents up to $1 per linear foot of crack repair and you can do about 12,600 linear feet of repairs with this package alone, you can imagine the profits that you can make yourself!

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