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Start Your Own Pothole Patching Business

Start Your Patching Business

Fill in potholes to fill in your wallet!

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Repair potholes and earn money!

  • Commercial-grade equipment for pothole patching
  • Get 5% off the entire package when bought together

Everyone hates potholes, so why not build your business on fixing them? We provide you with the tools and equipment you need to effectively repair any pothole!

  • AK Asphalt and Concrete Saw: Our saw features a 12" blade and a powerful gas engine so you can cut through any asphalt or concrete surface. When asphalt is too damaged to repair, cut it out with this saw.
  • AK Asphalt Lute: Use this asphalt lute to pull your hot asphalt into your patching area and smooth it out!
  • AK Vibrating Plate: After your asphalt is evened out, use the vibrating plate to tamp it down. This can be used with your hot asphalt or our cold asphalt patch!

We have been helping entrepreneurs, property owners and homeowners with asphalt equipment and supplies for over 13 years. We have created several online guides and videos to help people just like you start their own business.

Our asphalt patching guide takes you through the different steps of pothole patching, including whether to use hot or cold patch, the equipment you'll need, and how to make sure your pothole fix will last!

Judd Burdon, President and Founder of Asphalt Kingdom

Have questions about the products or about asphalt maintenance? Our asphalt experts are just a phone call or e-mail away! Call 1-866-399-5562 ext 1 between 8 AM and 5 PM EST Monday through Friday, or e-mail us through our contact form.

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Asphalt Kingdom has been helping homeowners and contractors with asphalt maintenance for 13 years.

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5 star review
"You guys are very good at what you do, and basically what you do is you give good service. Service is something people cannot duplicate. You'll have me as a customer for a long time."

- Jay

5 star review
"I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the great service and products offered by Asphalt Kingdom. The service has always been top notch and the products of the highest quality."

- Stephanie

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