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Start Your Own Business

Start Your Own Business

Earn money and be your own boss

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Work for yourself and make up to $1000 each week!

  • Up to 1400 linear feet of crack repairs
  • Min. 22,000 square feet of sealcoat coverage
  • Professional-grade equipment & supplies

Tired of working for someone else? Want to work outside on nice sunny days? Start your own sealcoating business! A large number of homeowners and property owners need asphalt maintenance for their parking lots and driveways. Our business package provides you with the equipment, supplies, and know-how you need to repair and sealcoat any asphalt surface:

  • 130 Gallon Sealcoat Sprayer: Sealcoat driveways and parking lots fast! The tank holds up to 130 gallons of sealer, meaning you can do up to 13,000 square feet of coverage (about 21 four-car driveways) per full tank.
  • AK10 2-in-1 crack repair machine: Mess-free crack repair is possible with this easy to use machine. It melts the rubberized crack filler fast and lets you apply the filler into the crack at walking speed. Two tasks, one machine!
  • 4 Drums of Airport-Grade Sealer: Extends the life of asphalt for up to 3-4 years and leaves a beautiful, black finish. Can be diluted by up to 20-30% for even more sealcoat coverage.
  • 4 Boxes of Rubberized Crack Filler: A commercial-grade solution to 2” wide cracks. Repairs last for around 3 years while cold pour fillers last around 6 months. A definite difference!
  • Free Asphalt Course: We send you our all-inclusive asphalt maintenance course for entrepreneurs for FREE.
  • Free Marketing Package: No business is complete without marketing materials. We provide you with templates for business cards, brochures, invoices, and more.

We have been helping entrepreneurs, property owners and homeowners with asphalt equipment and supplies for over 13 years. We have created several online guides and videos to help people just like you start their own business.

For more in-depth guides, you can visit our Sealcoating Business Guide.

Judd Burdon, President and Founder of Asphalt Kingdom

Have questions about the products or about asphalt maintenance? Our asphalt experts are just a phone call or e-mail away! Call 1-866-399-5562 ext 1 between 8 AM and 8 PM EST Monday through Friday, or e-mail us through our contact form.

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A 16 year old started his own sealcoating business

Asphalt Kingdom has been helping homeowners and contractors with asphalt maintenance for 12 years.

Customer's Reviews

5 star review
"We ordered an AK Spray System and some Crack Filling Equipment along with their sealer and crack filler and must say that their service and equipment are as good as they say they are."

- Willie

5 star review
"Thank you Judd and Asphalt Kingdom for giving me the tools to build a successful asphalt sealcoating business!"

- Matthew

Need a smaller sealcoat machine? See our Drum Sprayer.
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