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Sealcoating Business Package

Sealcoating Business In a Box

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Regular Price: $6,240.00

Package Price: $5,280.00

You Save: $960.00

Earn $300 - $400 per day with this turnkey asphalt sealcoating business package.

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AK130 Residential Sealcoat Sprayer (Reg.$3,100.00)


Coal Tar Sealer Skid (Four 55 Gallon Drums) (Reg.$1,636.00)


AK Transfer Kit (Reg.$199.00)


RY10 Asphalt Crack Fill Machine


Hot Pour Rubberized Crack Filler (per brick) (Reg.$85.00)


1 Year Warranty!The Asphalt Kingdom ‘Business in a Box’ package gives you everything you need to start your own sealcoating business and to start making money from day one. The package includes enough sealer and crackfiller supplies to earn your entire initial investment back!

No franchise fees or catches. Let us help you get the right equipment considering your experience, budget and business goals. Our goal is to help you become successful so that we can earn your repeat business for life. We have helped thousands of clients start their own sealcoating businesses over the years and we are excited to speak with you about yours.

Need to adjust or change the Business Package to meet your needs? No Problem! Call and speak with one of our AK Experts at 1-866-399-5562.

The Bottom Line

The AK Sealcoating Business Package - It's Like Getting a Free Franchise!

Imagine - a complete business package put together as though it were a franchise - but with NO franchise fees or royalties, and absolutely no contracts to sign! We have developed a package with all the sealcoating equipment you need to get started with your own asphalt business. Let us wow you with our selection, our training, and our customer service, so that you have a trusted business partner as you are starting out.

See how quickly you can sealcoat with our sealcoating business package!

Be your own boss! Work outside, on your own time, with the clients you want. It's easy to make up to $1,000 a week - or more! - in profits, with just this small initial outlay. Your efforts determine your success and we support you every step of the way.

The complete Sealcoating Business-in-a-Box package includes the sealcoating equipment you need to get your business up and running. No guesswork required, no trial and error: everything is delivered directly to you ready to go so you can get busy making money with your new business.


  • The 130 Gallon AK Residential Sealcoat Machine. Add transfer kit for only $149.00. Transfer sealer out of the barrel fast with the AK Transfer kit - a $275 value for only $149!
  • RY10 crack melter applicator.
  • 4 50-lb boxes of hot pour rubberized crack filler.
  • 4 drums of airport-grade asphalt sealer.
  • AK Pro Complete Business Marketing Package.
  • AK FREE four day asphalt maintenance course.
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