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Water-Based Line Striping Road Paint


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Starting at: $210.00
Water-based zone marking paint for lasting lines on lanes, curbs, and safety zones.

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Regular White


Regular Yellow

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Regular Blue

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Pro White

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Pro Yellow

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Save 5% on paintWater-based zone marking paint is a durable way to mark lanes, curbs, and safety zones. Sold in 5-gallon pails. Canadian customers please call for Canadian prices.

NEW! Upgrade to Pro Paint is now available. Regular Paint will set in 30-45 minutes, while Pro Paint dries in 10-15 minutes. Our Fast-Dry has more solids for a longer-lasting paint job.

Our water-based road paint is compatible with coal tar sealer and regular sealers, and can be applied to new concrete (that has been cured for 30 days), asphalt, and airport runways.

Compare Regular & Pro Paint

CoverageApprox. 320 linear ft of 4" line applied @ 15 mils
No Pick-UpDries in 30-45 minutes @ 77°FDries in 10 minutes @ 77°F
Dry Through3-4 Hours2 Hours
CompositionMore Acrylic
  • More Solids
  • Longer Lasting
  • Higher Quality
Intended For Roadways, Airports & Parking Lots
ApplicationCan be applied on freshly-sealcoated lots

The Bottom Line

Waterborne traffic marking paint

Water-Based Zone Marking Paint

Looking for a water-based road paint to complement your new sealcoat job or to highlight faded spots?  Asphalt Kingdom's durable zone marking paint lasts and lasts - buy quality and see the difference!

We're offering three colors: Blue, Yellow and White.  All three work on asphalt and concrete and provide a long-lasting finish.  They come in 5-gallon pails and should be protected from freezing.


  • Use AK's road paint anywhere you need clear lines in a durable finish. 
  • Before using it, make sure the surface is clean and dry.  If you're painting over previously-painted areas, use a stiff-bristled broom or power washer to remove loose paint.  Apply at temperatures of 60*F or more with no precipitation in the forecast for at least 24 hours.
  • If you are applying the paint to new concrete, cure it for a minimum of 30 days prior to painting. This paint will NOT work on polished or waxed or painted concrete.
  • Our special road paint can be used with glass beads if you'd like the lines to be reflective.
  • You get 320 linear feet per gallon, and 1,600 linear feet per 5-gallon pail.

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