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5" Number Kit Stencil

5" Number Kit Stencil


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5" Number Kit Stencil

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5 Number Kit Stencil

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The 5" number kit stencil allows for large number printing that can meet the standards of any large-scale or industry sized project. Make a bold statement with these stencils that measure larger than their more common 4" counterparts. Each number is cut with precision to ensure that each one measures exactly the same. The stencils are made to be reused, and therefore the standard ?" PRO-Grade LDPE material is recommended. Stencils that are made with this industry standard material can last for over seven years and can be reused thousands of times before needing any type of repair or replacement. This grade makes the stencils heavy duty so they can be enjoyed for a variety of large and frequent projects.

The specifications and measurements of each number meet industry standards and comply with requirements for any type of public or industrial project. When printed, the numbers measure 5" in height and 3.75" in width. The material reaches 9" in height and 5.75" in width, allowing plenty of room for overspray and placement. They can easily lay flat on any pavement, curb, or flat surface. They are easy to hold down and will remain in place while withstanding up to 3000psi of spray painting power. They can be made in the .080" ALU option as well for thermoplastic extruding, allowing for an even longer lasting effect upon the pavement.

The stencils are available in a 12 piece or an 18 piece set for a full range of uses. The 12 piece set comes with the numbers 0 through 9 plus an additional 2 blank pieces to be used as planks or dividers for accurate painting. The 18 piece set can be upgraded to have an extra 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, allowing any double digits to be printed up to the number 59. Make the best use out of your large-scale project with these industrial sized numbers that are easily visible to all passersby when painted.

Stencil Width "
Stencil Height "
Shipping Width "
Shipping Length 6"
Shipping Height 8"
Shipping Weight 5 lbs

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5" Number Kit Stencil The 5-inch Number Kit Stencil stencils are perfect for industrial marking projects and made from a heavy duty reusable stencil. Free shipping! c-4380-005 5 32.12 Asphalt Kingdom