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Asphalt Kingdom Reviews

Listen to a review from Colin, Truecote Driveway Sealers

Hi there, my name is Colin Bowser and I am the operator of Truecote Student Driveway Sealers. We operate out of Barrie, Ontario which is just north of Toronto.

About a couple of months ago my brother and I decided to start up our own driveway sealing business for the summer. We're both students during the year and we're both going back to school in the fall. We had little experience with driveway sealing and we didn't have much idea what type of equipment we would be needing either at the time.

Judd at Asphalt Kingdom was the absolute answer to all of our problems. He helped us with determining which system would be best for us and he helped us through all the details of starting a business, including advertising and even different labor strategies—he was great.

When it came eventually to ordering the equipment, it arrived exactly as we expected and way before the anticipated delivery date. The equipment that we got was absolutely top of the line; it works wonderfully. What was great was that the delivery of the equipment wasn't the end of our interaction with Judd—it was quite the contrary.

Judd's been instrumental in the continuing operation of our new driveway sealing company. Whenever we have a problem or need advice in anything to do with the industry, Judd at Asphalt Kingdom has been there with the answer. I've no doubt the next summer we'll be buying another set of equipment to get another truck running for our business. It's all thanks to Judd and his team there at Asphalt Kingdom.

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Listen to a review from Dave Popper, Southern Ocean Sealcoating

Yeah, this is Dave Popper. I'm from South Jersey, New Jersey. I bought one of Judd's products; I bought the tank with the pump and all that stuff. And being that it's an airless system, anybody can operate this thing. It is so simple. Anybody can put it together. I use this thing—now I only work this part time but—I did 8 driveways, made 1300 bucks. I made my money back in a day and a half. You know, what the machine cost plus the shipping. Now it's all cash. Now, I highly recommend this product to anybody.

If it goes so well for me this season, I'm going to buy another one next year and put both units in separate trucks. Why spend $18,000 on a steel tank with all the crap you don't need? This thing works great. One thing you know with the hoses, you get a lot of vibration by the pump—just put a couple of twist ties on there and boom, you got it down.

It sprays just like an inter-operator system. You get done using the thing and let it recirculate through the pump, you close the back, let it suck out through the hose, the product goes back into the tank. Got nothing left in the hoses.

About it, I mean if you're just getting into the sealcoat business, this is the most cost-effective way to go. Why spend 18 grand on one of those Seal-lite machines? Okay, it's got a 5 year warranty but got a lot of crap to deal with.

This thing? This thing is easy. I put coal tar emulsion, I cut it with 25% water, it sprays beautiful. Sprays right through the pump. That's about it. This is Dave Popper. If you live in the South Jersey area, call me for a free demo. Thank you and have a good day.


Jay Suarez, Titan Developers, Inc

You guys are very good at what you do, and basically what you do is you give good service. Other than that, everybody can do the same thing but service is something people cannot duplicate. I appreciate your service, thanks, and you’ll have me as a customer for a long time.

Nathan Parr, First Baptist Church of Belton

This is Nathan Parr from First Baptist Church of Belton. If you want to give my name out for recommendation, please feel free. I'm happy to answer anybody who'd like to see how my experience was. I'm very pleased with what I have and what I've used. Once again, this is Nathan Parr from First Baptist Belton saying go ahead and submit my name to anybody who needs a reference. Thank you.


Jim Fitzgerald from Long Island, NY on a phone call with Judd

(Judd: So far you've found our service good for you and everything?) Spectacular, you know, I bought the propane filled crack sealer and I've tried a million ways to do it previously. The only way to do it is through that machine and that technique (Judd: the AK10?) Yeah, so I'm buying a bunch of that. I haven't bought the sealcoat from you guys yet; I'll probably do that next year because there's a local company that does it for me. I'll probably step up and use that product as well but I love your company and I love your products.