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De-Icer Liquid Spray Solution

2.5-Gallon Bottle of De-Icer

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A fast, easy-to-use liquid ice melt spray that dissolves ice without harming new pavement, concrete, grass, lawn or pets.

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Liquid ice melt sprays are perfect products for reducing work while preserving your asphalt. Simply pour the product into your existing sealcoating spray system or high-pressure spray system, and spray areas you want to clear of ice.

The Bare Ground deicer is non-corrosive and safe for pets and plants.

Use this deicer before a storm to prevent ice from building up on stairs, walkways or other areas. It can also reduce snow accumulation by 2".

The ice melt liquid can also be applied during or after a storm to clear ice quickly. It is effective to -35°F.

A 5 gallon container provides coverage of about 5,000 square feet.

  • Safe for use on concrete, asphalt, mortar, brick, stucco, terrazzo, terra cotta, treated and untreated wood surfaces, airplanes (C-80 only), motorcycles, cars, and trucks.
  • Can be used on new concrete
  • Does not stain
  • Safe for plants and animals - doesn't kill grass!
  • Can be used in any sprayer (including manual pump sprayers and high pressure sprayers)
  • Contains no salts
  • Less corrosive than de-icers with salts, chloride, urea, brine, and water
  • Can be used before storms to prevent icing and to reduce snow accumulation.
  • An environmentally safe alternative to harmful rock salts or ice-melting pellets.

Bare Ground is non-corrosive ice-melting solution.

De-Icer Specs

De-Icer Liquid Spray Solution A fast, easy-to-use de-icer spray solution that dissolves ice without harming new pavement, concrete, grass, lawn or pets. BG-2.5P De-Icer Liquid Spray Solution 55 Asphalt Kingdom
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