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Start Your Own Line Striping Business

Start Your Own Line Striping Business

Paint lines for your profits!

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Paint stripes and stencils to make money for yourself

  • Build your own line striping package!
  • Choose one of our durable Titan PowrLiner striping machines
  • 5% off our quality water-based road paint

Parking lots always need their lines to be refreshed, making a line striping business a good choice for anyone who wants to work outside and make money!

  • Titan PowrLiner: A powerful and precise line striping machine!
  • Water-Based Paint: A long-lasting paint that is designed specifically for asphalt and concrete. Comes in white, yellow, and blue.

Here is a list of our recommendations for your line striping business. If you'd like personalized recommendations, give us a call at 1-866-399-5562 to speak to one of our line striping experts!

Choose your package type:BeginnerIntermediatePro

Beginner Line Striping Business

Perfect for the novice line striper to get their toes wet. Choose between the PowrLiner 850 and PowrLiner 2850; both provide removable paint guns for painting stencils but the PowrLiner 2850 can paint up to 40 more stalls per paint job over the PowrLiner 850. Complete this package with your color choice of water-based paint and a durable handicap stencil.

PowrLiner 850 Line Striping Machine

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PowrLiner 2850 Line Striping Machine

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Water-Based Line Striping Road Paint

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Handicapped Stencil

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Intermediate Line Striping Business

Best for line stripers who want to do small and medium-sized lots. Choose between the PowrLiner 2850 and the PowrLiner 4955 for your mid-size line striping machine. The PowrLiner 2850 has 1 paint gun, but can be upgraded to 2 guns for 2-person stencilling capability or for doing double lines. The PowrLiner 4955 has 2 guns and carries more paint in its 12-gallon hopper. Pick out your paint colors, and then choose our intermediate stencils package (including handicap, numbers and "No Parking" signage).

PowrLiner 2850 Line Striping Machine

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TITAN PowrLiner 4955 Striping Machine

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Water-Based Line Striping Road Paint

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Stencils for Painting

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Pro Line Striping Business

Ideal for line stripers who want to do large parking lots, airports, and professional sports fields. Get the maximum power and efficiency of the PowrLiner 6955 or 8955 to complete the largest line striping jobs! Pair that with our water-based paint and pro stencils package (including handicap, numbers, "No Parking", "Fire Lane" and "Reserved" stencils) and you will be able to tackle any line striping job.

TITAN PowrLiner 6955 Pro Line Striper

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TITAN PowrLiner 8955 Ultimate Striper

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Water-Based Line Striping Road Paint

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Titan Parking Lot Stencils Kit

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Need help choosing or want to learn more about line striping? Click Expert Help for free expert advice or Business Guides for more information on line striping.

We have been helping entrepreneurs, property owners and homeowners with asphalt equipment and supplies for over 13 years. We have created several online guides and videos to help people just like you start their own business.

In the below video, a teenager demonstrates how easy line striping is:

Sign up for our free line striping course! We tell you exactly how to lay out parking lots, the products and equipment you need, as well as how much to charge and how to increase your business!

For an in-depth guide on line striping, you can visit our Line Striping Guide.

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Asphalt Kingdom has been helping homeowners and contractors with asphalt maintenance for 13 years.

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5 star review
"We recently purchased the PL4900 from Asphalt Kingdom, and we are extremely happy with its performance. We just absolutely LOVE it; it's easy to use, easy to clean and very precise."

- Andra

5 star review
"I recently purchased a sprayer and striper through your company and had some questions. Jason spent over 45 minutes answering my technical questions on line striping and seal coating. That kind of service is rare these days, and I greatly appreciate it "

- Sam

Want a package just for your own parking lot? See our AK Super Striping Package.

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