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Driveway Crack Fill

start your own asphalt crack repair business Looking to purchase crack filler for your asphalt cracks?  Asphalt Kingdom's commercial grade AK Elasta-Fill driveway crack fill is professional quality and priced right. Delivers up to 150 feet of linear coverage and dries in one hour. Introduce yourself to all the benefits of the AK driveway crack fill product.

Wherever you happen to live, asphalt cracks are a reality They may be caused by freezing or water or poor drainage and the upheaval from tree roots or the weight of heavy vehicles, or the layers of asphalt were applied incorrectly. Regardless of the reason, if your asphalt cracks are not crack filled they will contribute to your driveway’s foundation being damaged and result in the breakdown of your asphalt surface. 

Learn how to repair cracked asphalt with a high quality driveway crack filler and protect your asphalt investment. Discover how you can repair cracks in asphalt using professional and cost effective AK products and equipment delivered directly to your door.

Guide to Crack RepairThe AK step by step driveway crack filling course is simple and straight forward. Step 1 is to scrape any grass or weeds out of the cracks. A screwdriver, bristle brush, ice chipper, or lawn edging tool will work. If you have a large number of cracks, consider the 4hp Billy Goat Crack Cleaner which removes, dirt debris, and vegetation quickly and effectively

Step 2 is to remove loose asphalt from the cracks with either compressed air or a garden hose. Make sure to sweep away loose debris. Once the driveway is clean, it’s time to scrub the area to remove dirt and oil residue. Make sure oil stains are cleaned thoroughly. Hose the driveway again and use a shop vacuum to remove any remaining debris. Remember – to properly repair cracks in asphalt, the surface must be thoroughly clean and dry before it can be filled.

Step 3a - If you are a home owner with a residential driveway we suggest you use the AK Cold Pour Driveway Crack Filler. Simply pour the driveway crack filler into the crack and smooth it with out a putty knife. The AK easy-to-use product dries in only an hour.

Step 3b - If you are a commercial property owner or parking lot manager, we suggest you use our AK hot pour crack filler to repair your cracks and we suggest you use hot pour crack fill melter and applicator.

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