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How to Repair Asphalt And Preserve Your Parking Lot For Years To Come

How to Repair AsphaltHomeowners and business owners alike need to know how to repair asphalt driveways and parking lots. While it might look strong and tough when it is new, it doesn’t take long for rain to start to seep through the surface, and that will cause you problems.

Maintaining Your Lots

If you want to avoid making a lot of repairs in the future, you should apply a commercial grade sealer as soon as you notice that water is no longer beading on the paved surfaces. Sealer is relatively easy to apply, although it does take time to apply it by hand.

Some people mix sand with the sealer to improve traction and prevent falls. If you do decide to mix sand with your sealer, you will need to apply the sealer by hand. You can use a long-handled squeegee for this purpose. If you take care of the tool, it will last for years to come.

How to Repair Asphalt Cracks

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Before you consider sealing, you should check all of the paved surfaces for cracks. Any cracks you find, no matter how small, should be filled with crack seal before you apply an asphalt sealant. The asphalt sealant only protects against rain – it doesn’t fill cracks. The filler keeps the surface smooth and prevents pooling; pools of water on your asphalt will reduce the lifespan of the sealant, causing you to have to sealcoat more often.

Crack seal is an essential tool for asphalt repair, but before you use it, you should prepare the surface. You can use compressed air to blow dirt or debris out of tiny cracks. Most driveway professionals are against power washing because the water can get under the driveway or parking lot and cause crumbling.

Alternatively, you can use a blowing machine to clear out your parking lot of dirt, leaves, and other debris. Gas-powered wheel blowers are easy on your back, and allow you to clear off your entire parking lot in preparation for crack repair or sealcoating.

After the parking lot is clean, it's time to repair the cracks. Liquid crack sealers are the easiest to apply. Once the crack is cleaned out, you simply fill it up with the liquid and smooth out the surface. You will need to let the crack seal dry before you apply the weatherizing sealcoating.

Property Asphalt Maintenance

how to repair asphalt

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Preparing for asphalt repair actually takes longer than doing the job itself. Applying the sealcoating is similar to painting. If you don’t clean the surface first, you will not end up with a smooth surface. Dirt or debris will also prevent the coating from adhering properly.

With proper care and maintenance, paved driveways and parking lots can last for many years. Learning how to repair asphalt surfaces is easy. You just need to plan for a good time to do it and order the products that are right for the job.

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