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Water-Based Fast Dry Paint

Waterbourne Marking Paint

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Fast-drying, long-lasting environmentally friendly parking lot paint. Call for special heated truck pricing!

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White Water-Based Fast Dry Paint (5 Gallon Pail)

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Whether you're painting streets and highways or parking lots, this environmentally friendly, long-lasting waterbourne paint will impress you with its durability.

The Fast-Dry paint dries to 'no track' in just two minutes! Regular paint takes 25 minutes to dry under normal circumstances.

Use this paint in temperatures as low as 35°F, and as high as 120°F. That means you extend your season to last from early spring until late fall! The product is suitable for both bituminous (asphalt) and concrete surfaces - as long as they are clean and dry. Concrete must have cured a minimum of 30 days after pouring in order for paint to stick. Apply with our high-quality Airless Line Striping Equipment or with an atomized system.

Preparing for Pavement Marking

We ship the paint with a thin layer of water on the top to reduce 'skinning' or drying on top. You'll especially notice it on our yellow paint, which will look like the color is off. This is completely normal and will disappear as soon as you mix it. We recommend you use a mechanical mixer or shaker to ensure that nothing has settled to the bottom during shipping.

As with all paint, ensure that the pavement is dry (even if it hasn't rained) before starting. If there is rain in the forecast, be sure that you have at least one hour after you have finished pavement marking before the rain is set to begin.

Clean the surface so that no dirt or debris gets in the way - concrete dust is especially bad for bonding. Use a blower or a push-broom. Set your line marking machine as follows:

  • Parking Lots: 9-11 wet mils
  • Standard Road Marking: 14-16 wet mils
  • High Build Applications: 25-30 wet mils

New surfaces will require two coats of paint, with at least 45 minutes in between coatings.

Questions about how much paint you'll need or purchasing larger quantities? Call our friendly team at 1-866-399-5562.

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Parking Lot Paint

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Water-Based Fast Dry Paint Fast-drying, long-lasting environmentally friendly parking lot paint. Free shipping when you order 12 or more! 9852 Water-Based Fast Dry Paint 85 95 Asphalt Kingdom
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