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Pavement Sealcoating: Golf Course Blacktop Letting You Down?

pavement sealcoatingFresh pavement sealcoating on golf cart paths and parking areas makes the entire golf club look as manicured as your greens. You already know that replacing divots protects against further damage of the course, but do you lavish the same care and attention to the paved sections of the property? Sealing blacktop is just as important as turf care, and the good news is you only need to do it bi-yearly!

The Three L’s Of Blacktop Maintenance

  • Looks: Appearance is everything, especially for golf courses. Don’t let your parking area and cart paths look run-down and like an afterthought
  • Lifespan: Proper care will protect the foundation from erosion, and can extend the life of the blacktop from 10 years to almost 30 years before needing replacement
  • Liability: Safety should always be first, and blacktop maintenance will prevent potholes and cracks from forming. You don’t want tripping hazards at your golf course where someone could fall and get hurt. Customers and employees will be far safer.

Why Is Pavement Sealcoating So Effective?

Asphalt is an amazing hardtop surface: flexible, durable, and resilient. That’s why it’s used so universally. The thing is, just as metal rusts, asphalt oxidizes and becomes brittle and less water repellent.

Sealing blacktop every two years renews the surface, and brings back all its protective qualities. Now you have an effective coating that resists water, fuel spills, beverages falling out of golf carts, and more.

How Difficult Is Sealing Blacktop?

Compared to turf care? Blacktop maintenance is far, far easier! Here’s what you need to do in 5 simple steps:

  • Clean the surface. Sweep, scrub, and remove any stubborn stains with a degreaser cleaner.
  • Crack fill the asphalt. Otherwise you will be leaving a gap in your protection for water to get in and erode the foundation. Not to mention the safety hazard.
  • Pavement sealcoating compound application can be done as simply as applying with a squeegee or broom, but for the size of a golf course property it’s well worth investing in a spray system.
  • Allow to dry and cure. Here’s where buying a sealant like ours that dries in 3 to 4 hours instead of 1 or 2 days is a cost and time-effective choice. Tip: Add Superdryer if applying at night for superior results.
  • Sealing blacktop with a second coat if necessary. Two thin layers are the only way to go when pavement sealcoating has been neglected for a while. A single thick layer will never cure properly and you’ll end up with it flaking and peeling!

What’s Needed For Blacktop Maintenance?

Here’s a checklist for what you’ll need for pavement sealcoating:

  • Driveway Sealer (get airport grade like ours for best quality)
  • Spray System to apply the sealant, unless the area is small enough that you can manage it by broom or squeegee
  • Pylons And Caution Tape for keeping traffic off your pavement while it cures
  • Gas Blower to clear the surface of all debris like leaves and dirt
  • Crack Filler for crack repair
  • Degreaser Cleaner to remove all fuel stains before sealing blacktop, or it won’t adhere properly and will peel

When Is The Best Time For Sealing Blacktop?

As long as the temperatures are staying above 60°F, you’re good to go. This part of blacktop maintenance can’t be done in winter, obviously, but other than that you can schedule it for the least disruptive time to your golfers.

Now you know how to keep your cart paths and parking areas looking as fantastic as your golf course. Do it for looks, lifespan, and safety. Sealing blacktop every other year is the most effective way to keep the surface resilient and strong against the elements and wear. Simply clean, crack fill, apply, and dry. Repeat with a second coat if necessary. Check that you have the equipment you need, and the forecast is warm enough, and you’re all set to do your own pavement sealcoating.

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