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Intermediate Asphalt Spray Systems for Sale


Are you looking for more spraying capacity? Our intermediate asphalt sprayers provide you with increased spraying power and tank capacity. When you need the step-up from starter systems, these intermediate spray systems will give you the boost in productivity you need. All with the durability and reliability you expect from Asphalt Kingdom. Investing in quality equipment translates immediately into getting more jobs done per day, and that’s money for your bottom line. Are you turning away customers because there aren’t enough hours in the day? Don’t be limited in how much you can work because you don’t have the right tools for the job!

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AK130 Residential Sealcoating Machine

130 Gallon Sealcoating Machine For Spraying Asphalt Sealer. Free Shipping!


AK230 Sealcoating Sprayer

Sealcoat sprayer designed to spray asphalt sealer with pressure. In stock & ready to ship.


PROMAX Air Operated Spray System

PROMAX Air Operated Sealcoating Spray System with Hydraulic Agitation.

Asphalt Repair Bundle

A spray system plus crackfill melter-applicator made for large lanes or parking lots.



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Why Should I Choose From The Mid-Level Asphalt Spray Systems?

There are only two things you can control, and that’s time and money. To get asphalt sealing done faster and save on time, you need bigger and better equipment. In order to save the time, you have to spend the money on the intermediate asphalt sprayers.

If you’ve been working with a direct-from-the-drum sprayer, how often are you switching drums? Think about the time you save by having a unit that holds more sealant. Time truly is money in your pocket, because the more time you save, the more jobs you can take on. Plus you can save even more money by utilizing in plant tank fill! Buying in bulk saves you cash instantly.

How Much Do I Need To Spend?

The old saying, buy the best you can afford, is perfect. When you do that, you never regret having bought equipment that was not up to your future needs. Plus, as your business grows, intermediate spray systems will never be obsolete. As you add more sprayers to your company, you will still be using your mid-level one and be able to hire more employees.

Choose the equipment that is up to the work you’re doing now, and leave room for growth. You can never go wrong with equipment that is durable, reliable, and has the warranty to back it up.

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Intermediate Asphalt Spray Systems for Sale
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