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Asphalt patching is an important task when it comes to asphalt maintenance. Fixing a pothole will prevent the hole from becoming larger; it will also help prevent any damages to the cars and trucks that drive over the pothole. Whether you're doing a cold patch or a hot asphalt patch, Asphalt Kingdom has the supplies you need for successful asphalt repairs.

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AK10 Gallon Melter Applicator

Asphalt and Concrete Saw

Asphalt Lute

Cold Asphalt Patch

Regular Price: $1,149.00

Today’s Price: $950.00

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AK10 crack fill applicator - Propane bottle not included
The AK10 melts down rubber cubes of crack filler and fills cracks at walking speed. It's the only two in one handle agitation unit of its kind. Over 250 machines in stock. 2 year bulletproof warranty!
concrete saw
The lightweight Gas Power Asphalt Saw is designed to cut through any asphalt surface.
Asphalt Rake
This asphalt lute has a steel head construction to provide you with durability.
cold asphalt patch
Our rapid-setting Cold Asphalt Patch lets you repair potholes in any season, in three easy steps.

Pothole Repair Asphalt Patch - Full Pallet

Plate Compactor

AK Vibrating Plate

Patch Asphalt - Half Pallet

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Full pallet of pothole repair asphalt mix
Perform pothole repair any time of the year with this easy-to-use cold asphalt mix. 56 bags for a full pallet.
Plate Compactor shown with optional kick stand, optional lower handle, optional Driveway Zipper and optional water system.
A mini plate compactor small enough to be used in those hard-to-reach places where you'd love the power of a vibrating plate without the size .
AK Vibrating Plate
This vibrating plate is designed to compact hot asphalt patches or cold patch.
half pallet of patch asphalt
Our rapid-setting Asphalt Patch lets you repair potholes in any season, in three easy steps.

Residential Asphalt Patching Package


As low as:

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Residential Asphalt Patching Package
Everything you need to start a residential asphalt patch business.

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We've got the asphalt patching tools and equipment you need to fill holes in asphalt quickly and professionally. Need to fill cracks in pavement? Visit our Asphalt Crack Repair center.

Not sure what asphalt patching equipment you need? We can help.
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