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2-Pack Redmax Weed Trimmer TRZ230S

2-Pack Redmax Weed Trimmer TRZ230S


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  • 2-Pack Redmax Weed Trimmer TRZ230S 2-Pack Redmax Weed Trimmer TRZ230S

2-Pack Redmax Weed Trimmer TRZ230S

Quick Overview

Lightweight but powerful. Makes edging driveways and paths fast and easy.

The RedMax TRZ230S trimmer is a fantastic tool that makes it possible to landscape your yard, school, church grounds, and other locations quickly and easily. It works quite well for those who are homeowners, as well as those who work in landscaping professionally. Of course, you need to make sure you maintain your equipment, as well, and one of the parts that will eventually need replacing will be the trimmer heads. This RMTRZ230S 2-pack string trimmer option could be a great choice to have around.

If you were in the middle of a job, whether for a client or on your own property, and the trimmer head needs replacing partway through the task, you want to have the new heads available. Without them, it means you would have to put a hold on the job until you have the new one delivered. Instead of running the risk of this problem, it makes sense to have extra on hand now.

Having extra RMTRZ230S 2-pack string trimmers available for your machine is always a good idea. They are small enough that you can take them with you if needed. You will also find that replacing the heads is fast and easy. The trimmer should have come with a tool that will allow you to remove the old head. Just replace it and tighten it into place, and you are good to go. Of course, take precautions when you are making the replacement. Not only should the machine be turned off, but it should also have the sparkplug removed for additional safety. Still, it takes only a few minutes to change out and get going again.

Always make sure that you are buying the correct replacements for your trimmer heads, and for other parts of the unit that may need replacing. The RMTRZ230S 2-pack string trimmer will work for the TRZ230S from RedMax.

Cylinder displacement 22.5 cc
Power output 0.94 hp
Fuel tank volume 21.64 fl oz
Weight (excluding cutting equipment) 10.14 lbs
Part # 967194101 / TRZ230S

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2-Pack Redmax Weed Trimmer TRZ230S Lightweight but powerful, the Redmax Weed Trimmer TRZ230S makes edging driveways and paths fast and easy. Get free shipping and big savings on a 2-pack. RMTRZ230S 2-Pack Redmax Weed Trimmer TRZ230S 559.98 Asphalt Kingdom