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AK300-AIR DURAMAX Sealcoat Sprayer

300 Gallon Air-Operated Sprayer

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300 gallon air operated skid mounted sealer spray system ready to ship. Free Shipping!

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The AK300-AIR DURAMAX sealcoat sprayer is designed for the mid to pro level contractor and is compatible with coal tar, asphalt emulsion, latex or acrylic sealer.

Fits on a trailer or the bed of a 3/4 ton pick-up truck or larger (8,600 GVW).

The All-Flo pump has been custom-designed by the pump manufacturer to hold up to the rugged sealcoating conditions. It will last three times longer than a Wilden, Yamada, Airol or similar pumps. It has so much power it can suck the chrome off a doorknob! Our diaphragm and ball valves can handle 130 gallons per minute. Our competitors use rubber balls - we make plastic-injection moulded balls that won't disintegrate. This system is built to last a lifetime.

Strainer basket is included to filter out any unwanted large chunks.

We chose a reliable 6.5hp Honda 4-stroke engine and RolAir compressor. The RolAir is and industrial use compressor, meant to run 24/7. It will last as long as you own it. It has a throttle-valve system so that when you shut your wand off, it drops the RMP so it just idles: saves gas, saves wear and tear on the equipment.

The steel tank includes a 20" manway/top lid that allows for easy access to the inside of the tank. It also includes 2 paddle manual agitation in the tank with 2 to 1 gear reduction making it easy it super simple to agitate. You can crank the manual agitation with one hand.

The asphalt sealer will flow from the pump down the 75 feet of 3/4 inch sealer hose and then out through the spray gun on to the asphalt surface in a clean and pressurized fan pattern.

Add a Swivel Hose Reel for $450 at time of order

Add a Transfer Kit to transfer sealer from drums to your main tank for $225.

You simply can't go wrong with this sealer sprayer and we will assure you that after years of testing and applying sealer in the industry, you'll be sealcoating like a pro.

Weight900 lbs
Dimensions72"L x 58"W x 48”H
Tank300 Gallon black steel tank with inner and outer splash lid and bottom drain
Agitation2 paddle manual agitation to keep sealer mixed
PumpAll-Flo 1’’ double diaphragm sealcoat pump
Air CompressorRol-Air compressor powered by a 6.5HP Honda 4-stroke gas engine
  • Large 20″ Manway for easy cleaning.
  • Requires 3/4 ton or larger truck (8,600 GVW)
  • Lightweight aluminum spray wand
  • 75 ft. of 3/4" lightweight material hose

AK300-AIR DURAMAX Sealcoat Sprayer The AK300-AIR DURAMAX air operated sealcoat sprayer is designed for mid to pro level contractors. Extremely easy to operate and best price guarantee! AI300GALPU AK300-AIR DURAMAX Sealcoat Sprayer 6999 Asphalt Kingdom
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