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Communities Rally Together to Save on Sealcoating

Distressed by the cracks, grey rough asphalt and potholes on your community roads, driveways and parking lots? Are the deteriorating conditions becoming an eye sore to both you, your fellow community members and neighbors?

The asphalt industry as a whole has recently been subject to price hikes due to the price of oil. Because asphalt is a petroleum-based material, the cost is heavily affected by the current price of oil. As a result, asphalt companies are charging more for services such as paving, resurfacing, crack filling and sealcoating. This cost, is of course past on to the consumer -- you!

Maintaining your community driveways and parking lots doesn’t have to be an expensive single person project. Many communities all over the country are realizing that sharing the cost is an effective way to prevent your residential driveways from deteriorating and increases the esthetic value of the homes in the community and at a fraction of the cost.

Asphalt Kingdom has a full line of asphalt crack fillers and commercial grade asphalt sealer along with the crack machines and asphalt sealcoating spray systems that can patch, repair and seal your driveway, neighborhood and community parking lots.

In the long run, a regular maintenance program can extend the life of your community driveways and parking lots and walkways for more then 2 decades. On the other hand, even the simplest weather conditions can cause wear of your roadways and walkways. Sun, rain, snow, ice, oil, and gas are all major factors that facilitate the weakening of your asphalt driveways and walkways.

Instead of paying a contractor to come repair your community driveways, walkways and communal roads, community members are rallying together to patch, repair cracks, and seal asphalt so their communities walkways and driveways are smooth and pleasant to walk and drive on. All the same services a contractor would provide, but at a fraction of the cost.

If your community decides that a cost effective maintenance program is right for you, you will most certainly need industry leading products such as rubberized hot pour crack fill and pure coal tar emulsion sealer. All these products can be purchased at Asphalt Kingdom online store or by simply calling one of our Asphalt Experts Toll Free at 1-866-399-5562.

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