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Parking Lot Contractor's Gold Package

Parking Lot Contractor's Gold Package

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  • AK Gladiator Sealcoating System AK Gladiator Sealcoating System

Parking Lot Contractor's Gold Package

Quick Overview

Get ready to go Pro with the equipment and supplies you need to run successful, efficient asphalt maintenance crew.

Regular Price: $11,023.00

Package Price: $10,019.00

You Save: $1,004.00

Product Name Price Qty
Walk Behind Leaf Blower Powerful leaf blowing with a smaller blade and housing than our high output walk behind blower
Asphalt Crack Cleaner Machine Wire wheel blasts dirt and debris right out of asphalt cracks and preps for crack filling.
RY10 PRO Crack Seal Machine Fastest Way of Filling Cracks at Walking Speed. No Experience Needed. Electric Start.

Regular Price: $1,450.00

Today’s Price: $1,299.00

AK230 Residential / Commercial Sealcoat Sprayer Contractor's choice for sealing residential & commercial parking lots. 230 gallon tank covers 23,000 square feet. Fits 1 ton truck or trailer. 1 year warranty, Briggs motor, cast iron pump and more! <b>Filter Kit and Paddle Agitation Included ($725 Value)</b>
Durafill Hot Rubber Crack Filler - 36 Boxes / 1,800 lbs <p>Huge savings when purchasing a complete pallet of rubber crack filler. 12,600 linear ft of filler.</p>

Regular Price: $2,430.00

Today’s Price: $2,179.00

Pallet of Coal Tar Sealer <p>4 X 55 gallon drums of airport grade coal tar asphalt sealer. 22,000 sq feet coverage per pallet.</p>

Regular Price: $1,736.00

Today’s Price: $1,245.00

Drum Mixer This 46" drill mixer extension allows you to mix your sealer neatly and prep for application.

Regular Price: $111.00

Today’s Price: $0.00

Sealcoat Edger One-Man Operation, No more overspray and Pays for Itself in No Time! A must have sealcoat edger tool for spraying sealer neatly.

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Parking lot seal coating is a great service to add to your company and it can add profit to the bottom line, fast, with the right tools and equipment.

Start your parking lot maintenance off by blowing the surface clean of debris using our highly effective Walk Behind Blower. This dynamo angles in three directions to really get the job done fast. Then clean cracks faster than you can imagine with the Asphalt Crack Cleaner Machine .

Follow up with crack filling using the RY10 Pro crack fill applicator that lets you fill cracks at walking speed - much faster than hand-pouring. We're including pallet of 36 boxes of commercial-grade crack filler in the package so you can get right to work with no waiting.

Once your lot is prepared, we know you want to get seal coating quickly and accurately, and our coal tar-compatible AK230 Residential Sprayer delivers power-packed performance! This spray system will cover 23,000 square feet of asphalt per tank, letting you get in and get out without wasting time. Fits in the back of most 1-ton pickup trucks for easy portability!

This package also includes a pallet of coal tar asphalt sealer so you're ready to go. It also adds the transfer kit needed to transfer sealer from drums to your system, and a drum mixer to keep your sealer agitated before you transfer it to the tank.

The Sealcoat Edger was the surprise hit of the season last year - contractors loved being able to edge driveways and parking lots without having to have two people on the project. No messy overspray, and no staff member needed to hold a piece of cardboard or plywood - this little add-on does it all!

This package has all the supplies you need to make your investment back in no time!


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Parking Lot Contractor's Gold Package The choice for professional parking lot contractors. All the equipment and supplies you need for seal coating profitably. Free shipping and no sales tax. AK02-CPL Parking Lot Contractor's Gold Package 10019 Asphalt Kingdom