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Stencilled parking lot When line striping a parking lot, there are certain striping accessories, add-ons, and stencils you'll need. If you have a parking lot painting business, you'll definitely want to have a set of durable stencils that you can reuse, as well as line striper maintenance supplies to clean and service your equipment.

Asphalt Kingdom carries the PowrLiner add-ons you want to maximize your line striping power and efficacy, as well as line painting tips, stencils, and glass bead dispensers.

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Stencils and Accessories

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Parking Lot Stencils

If you’re the owner of a commercial parking lot or a lot manager, you understand the value of having clearly painted, straight parking lines.

You also know that without highly visible parking lot signs such as no parking areas, handicap space markers, and traffic flow arrows, your visitors can easily become confused on where and how to park. This can ultimately lead to parking lot congestion and even costly fender benders. AsphaltKingdom has the highest quality asphalt line striping equipment including a great parking lot stencil that you need in order to keep traffic flowing in your lot.

Why Use Parking Stencils

Parking lot stencil templates enable you to quickly and uniformly paint markers, including speed zones, restricted areas, and personal parking spaces to keep your lot looking well-maintained.

These easy-to-use pavement stencils can be utilized on any asphalt or concrete surface. It is recommended that these parking lot signs be used with AK Commercial Asphalt Paint. This commercial grade paint contains 50% more pigment than most paints on the market and dries tack-free in less than 60 minutes. One case of twelve 20 ounce aerosol cans covers 900 to 1000 linear feet. AsphaltKingdom.com offers this product at the lowest price available. With eight color choices to choose from, this asphalt paint is perfect for painting a full range of parking lot signs.

Preparing To Use Stencils

Before using any parking stencil, it’s always important to start with an absolutely clean asphalt surface. Dirt and debris can hinder paint from adhering and can affect the quality of painted parking lot signs. The easiest way to clean asphalt prior to using parking lot stencils is to use a gas powered blower. Instead of sweeping by hand, which can be time consuming and tiring, a gas blower can quickly clean a parking lot of leaves, puddles, and dirt. Because it can also be used for general cleanup, as well as before the use of pavement stencils, it is a smart investment for anyone who owns or manages a parking lot.

Repair Cracks

Once a parking lot is cleaned and before any parking lot stencil is applied, it’s necessary to inspect for cracks in the asphalt. Any cracks found will need to be cleaned and filled using a professional grade crack filler. Crack filling is definitely not a step to skip in the process of painting parking lot signs. If cracks aren’t sealed properly, parking lot asphalt can decay very rapidly resulting in costly repair. You should also sealcoat the surface of the parking lot after cracks are filled to protect it from the elements and to give the asphalt surface a clean black finish that will allow parking lot signs to appear as clear as they should.

More Help

Asphalt Kingdom provides expert advice on parking lot stencil usage and how best to mark your parking lot signs. Let us guide you on how to best serve your customers with a clearly marked parking lot.

Stencils and Accessories