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AK130 Residential Sealcoating Machine


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Regular Price: $3,100.00

Package Price: $2,700.00

You Save: $400.00

SPRING SPECIAL! This Sealcoat Sprayer is perfect for sealcoating asphalt driveways.

in stock.

AK130 Residential Sealcoat Sprayer (Reg.$3,100.00)


AK Transfer Kit (Reg.$199.00)

ADD $195.00

Inter-Fed Hose Reel

ADD $399.00

Sealcoat Edger

ADD $189.00

1 Year Warranty!

The AK130 Residential Sealcoating Machine is a tried and tested sprayer that includes everything you need in one place to effectively and efficiently mix and spray coal tar asphalt sealcoat on any asphalt surface.

Extremely easy to operate and includes a bulletproof steel sealcoat tank with a Briggs Engine, Cast Iron Sealcoat Pump, 75 feet of hose high quality sealer hose, spray gun and all fittings that you need to have a turnkey sealcoating machine.

We've even included a free filter kit that filters out any unwanted chunks (retail value $175)!

It mounts easily in the back of a van, pickup truck or trailer. We recommend a floor space area of approximately 6 feet by 4 feet to install it properly. So, it’s really up to you as to how you transport it. Always remember that if you’re mounting it in an enclosed area, you always want to make sure that the doors or open and ventilating properly.

Whether you're an asphalt maintenance contractor or you're looking at maintaining your own parking lot, the AK130 will definitely get the job done professionally.

Building The Perfect Sealcoating Machine

Our goal was to build an affordable sprayer with reliability and performance that you can count on. We made it happen. It’s all because of valuable feedback and advice from our wonderful customers. We soaked in the advice, had an in house engineer spend over 22 months designing and developing it.

AK130 Sealcoating Machine

AK130 Sealcoating Machine: Key Features at a Glance

Steel Sealcoating Tank: 130 gallon steel construction with precise welds that have all been leak tested, High quality black paint to protect the steel, 13,000 square feet of coverage with each full tank. That's twenty-one 600 square foot driveways (4-car driveways). You can earn $2,000 to $2,500 on each full tank of asphalt sealcoat

6.5 horse power Briggs & Stratton Motor: Credible and reliable brand name motor. Plenty of power to operate the pumping system and spray with pressure. Briggs makes great engines.

Cast Iron Pump With Viton Seals: Rugged and built to last. Pumps at a rate of 225 gallons per-minute. The pump will circulate the sealer at fast speeds to keep the sealer mixed in the tank properly. Will also spray sealer out of the spray gun at 45psi.

Sealer Spray Hose: 75-foot rubber hose designed to take the use and abuse of dragging across asphalt surfaces without springing leaks.

Trigger Gun: Allows for more accurate control of your sealer application. The trigger provides one with the ability to apply light pressure for a small spray pattern, or apply full pressure for a full spray pattern.

(Planning on sealcoating professionally? We recommend upgrading to a Ball Valve Spray Gun for faster cleanup and easier maintenance.)

Quick Connect Tips: Includes 3 Quick Connect Tips 2,3 and 4 gallons-per-minute. Replace your spray tips/nozzles without using a tool. Simply replace tips using your hands. Fast and easy.

Large Man Way Top Lid: Easy to access the inside of your tank for cleaning, transferring or troubleshooting.

Loading Port: Allows you to transfer sealer from drums, totes, or other sealer sources to your main spray system tank with the use of our add-on transfer kit.

Skid Mounted: Solid eleven gauge skid base with a hole drilled in each of the four corners for mounting to your truck bed or trailer.

Why Choose the AK130 Asphalt Sealcoating Machine?

  • PRICE - We meet and beat any competitive price on similar products. Call us with information or send us a link, we will show you why AK is your best option.
  • SIMPLICITY - Very easy to operate. Anyone can use AK spray systems, no matter the level of experience.
  • SUPPORT MATERIAL - Detailed operating manual and support videos.
  • MAINTENANCE - Easy to clean with the included instructions.
  • CONVENIENT SIZING - Easily fit in the back of a pickup truck or on a common trailer type.
  • CUSTOMIZING - You can add quality AK accessories prior or post shipping (filter kit, transfer kit) and not limit the performance of the spray system. We recommend buying these accessories with your AK130 prior to shipping, as you will save significantly.
  • INTERCHANGEABILITY - AK uses common engines and parts so when systems need repair or parts they are usually accessible from anywhere and are not "uncommon" foreign engines or parts.

Do you want to know how much profit you can make with your sealcoating machine? You can make back the money from this system investment with less than 2 full tanks!

Call us to place your sealcoating machine order or to get expert advice from our experienced asphalt maintenance experts. Toll Free 1-866-399-5562

Pump TypeCast Iron Centrifugal Pump
  • Circulates 225 gallons per minute
  • 45 psi at the tip
  • Cast Iron Impeller
  • Viton Seals
  • 1 year limited warranty
EngineBriggs & Stratton 12S 6.5HP Gas Engine
  • Oil Sensor Alert
  • 90 day limited warranty
  • Welded solid steel tank, 11 gauge steel
  • Solid black powder-coated with anti-rust base
  • Welded hose brackets with locking arms for securing hose during transport
  • 75 feet - 3/4" length standard spray hose, 150 PSI rated
  • 42" Trigger Gun & Wand includes backup ball valve
  • 3 Quick-Connect Spray Tips included (2 GPM, 3 GPM, 4 GPM)
Capacity492 litres / 130 Gallons
Dimensions (L x W x H)51.5" x 33.75" x 40"
Weight (Empty/Full)397 / 1497 lbs
Shipping Weight437 lbs

Download the AK130 Manual
Why do Mechanical Seals Fail?
1 Year Limited Warranty

AK130 Dimensions (click to enlarge):
AK1 Gladiator Sealcoating Sprayer Dimensions

Preparing Your System For SealcoatingEarn Up to $100 per Hour Sealcoating

Want to double your warranty - for free? See Details »

Questions & Answers

Priming the Pump

Pump priming is simple. As long as there is constant liquid reaching the pump, it will prime and pump. The less air in the suction hoses the better the pump will prime and work.

When transferring sealer from drums to the main spray system tank make sure the transfer kit hose is completely full of water. Connect the barrel pipe to the transfer kit and then the other end of the transfer kit to the suction port of the pump and make sure the transfer kit hose remains full of water. Put the barrel pipe into the sealer drum. Make sure the ball valve handles are in transfer mode. Start your motor and begin your transfer.

If air is hitting your pump at anytime it will lose prime and the chances of burning up your seals are high. Make sure water or sealer is always reaching your pump.

Type of Sealer to Use.

Our spray systems work only with Refined Coal Tar (Commercial Grade) Water-Based Sealer. We strongly recommend Gem Seal asphalt sealer and that can be purchased at the lowest possible rate right through our website here at AsphaltKingdom.com. If you use an "Asphalt Emulsion" sealer, a sealer with "sand", or an "oil" based sealer, the spray system will not work: the pump will need repair and you may even blow the engine. If you use the wrong sealer your warranty is voided in the same way as using diesel fuel in a gasoline engine for your truck. PLEASE CALL US IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT TYPE OF SEALER TO USE WITH THIS SYSTEM.

Tip is clogging up and/or just trickling out.

If a chunk of sealer, a stone, or a rock is blocking the output of the tip, it would create a blockage in the tip that would create a trickle or a pressurized multi-stream spray. Sealer sitting in the tank for a long period of the tank can dry on the side walls and form flakes. These flakes can fall into the rest of the sealer and get suctioned through to your spray tip, causing a blockage.

We heavily advise investing in a filter kit, as it filters out unwanted chunks. See more troubleshooting tips for if you lose pressure at the spray tip.

Pump is leaking between the engine and motor.

This usually happens when the pump overheats, due to running the pump dry. The main master seal heats up and shrivels up, creating small cracks. Always make sure you run some kind of liquid in your pump, whether it be sealer or water during priming.

What type of oil should be used?

Any standard 4-stroke motor oil (like 10W30) for lawn mowers, snow blowers, etc. can be used.

Pump priming

The pump only needs to be primed the first time you use it or if you haven't used your pump for longer than 24 hours. Use 1 gallon of water in the pump through the pump orifice allows the machine to immediately push that liquid through, creating enough force to start pulling sealer from the tank.

Uneven spray pattern

This usually happens due to the tip clogging or tip is worn out past a usable point. Buy new spray tips and invest in a filter kit to prevent clogged spray tips.

System not agitating

Sealer is too thick and the pump cannot create a prime to circulate the sealer. Dilute it properly to achieve 20 to 30% water dilution. Use a dipstick to check the level of your sealer at the end of the day and the next time you use your system, just in case of water evaporation (if the levels are different, add enough water to regain the previous sealer level).

Another possible reason could involve the system's ball valve. On the output part of the pump, there's a ball valve that allows you to redirect the sealer to the top of the tank or to the spray gun. If that ball valve is constantly or permanently broken to the spray gun, you wouldn't get recirculation.

Accumulation of foam on top of sealer

The cause of this is overagitating the sealer. Only recirculate your sealer for 2-3 minutes max at the beginning of the day and maybe for a minute at the beginning of each job.

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