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Asphalt Patching

Asphalt Patching

Asphalt patching is the most cost-effective way to protect your asphalt surface and foundation. By repairing potholes you get an instant improvement in looks and safety while protecting against further damage and erosion to your pavement. You save a bucket-load of money by repairing over repaving, both short-term and long-term.

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Asphalt Patching Techniques

Surface patching is the most popular residential patching. An asphalt glue is added to the patch area and hot asphalt is applied directly on top of the pre-existing asphalt surface. It is more inexpensive to do it this way compared to cutting out and replacing asphalt areas.

Removal & Replacement Asphalt Patching is a more permanent and more costly method of repairing deteriorated asphalt. This is not always necessary unless the problem is due to base failure (asphalt foundation). In this case removal is required in order to properly compact and prepare the base. This kind of patching is used quite often in highly trafficked zones. All edges of the repair area should be cleaned for best tacking results. Try to make the edges straight and even. Once the decayed asphalt has been removed, the base should be leveled and compacted. The new fresh asphalt patch is then applied in two layers, both about 1 and a half inches thick, compacting each layer for a more stable, permanent patch.

Hot Asphalt Patching

We recommend that an asphalt specialist provide this service for residential home owners, if you are intending to patch with hot asphalt. It is extremely hot and can burn your skin. It also takes some skill to work the hot asphalt with a rake. It needs to be leveled and has to be the right thickness. Asphalt patching contractors usually carry hot asphalt in an asphalt hot box. A hot asphalt box is insulated and heated to keep the asphalt mix hot. This allows asphalt contractors and large property owner to work with the asphalt in it's hot workable form. Without an asphalt hot box, the asphalt would cool too quickly and turn to a solid form.

We carry a four ton asphalt hot box that does a wonderful job keeping asphalt hot and allows for easy asphalt patching.

Cold Asphalt Patching Application

Anyone can use cold patch, and the new Asphalt Kingdom Rapid Set Cold Asphalt Patch is even easier than most products on the market today. Cold Asphalt Patch can be applied under all weather conditions. It has superior adhesion to wet or dry surfaces. Remove any loose material from the pothole and fill it with Cold Asphalt Patch using a shovel. The pothole can then be compacted with a shovel, a hand tamper, vibratory tamper, or truck tires. Irrespective of the compaction method, the patched area should be immediately opened to vehicular traffic as it will not kick up, push, or ravel.

Hot Asphalt is a long lasting durable product, made from rock, sand, tar & Bitumen. It is extremely hot when it is first applied so that it can fit and be worked into the repair area. As the Hot asphalt cools it hardens and becomes extremely solid. It takes approximately 24 hrs for a hot asphalt patch to harden and be safe to drive on.

Asphalt surfaces should be sealed with a commercial grade coal tar sealer to prevent asphalt patching and decay.

Consider The Business Opportunities

Asphalt patching is a great business opportunity for asphalt contractors looking for an additional income stream.

Home owners, Business owners and countries spend millions of dollars every year to repair asphalt cracks and repair potholes. It is more cost effective to repair asphalt surfaces rather then re-paving.

The same goes for driveways. It is much more cost effective to patch compared to replacing your whole driveway...

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