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AK230 Sealcoating Spray System Side View

AK230 Sealcoating Sprayer

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  • AK230 Sealcoat Spray System - Side View AK230 Sealcoat Spray System - Side View
  • AK230 Sealer  Sprayer - engine closeup AK230 Sealer  Sprayer - engine closeup
  • AK230 Sealcoat Spray System AK230 Sealcoat Spray System
  • AK230 Sealcoat Spray System AK230 Sealcoat Spray System
  • AK230 Sealcoat Spray System AK230 Sealcoat Spray System
  • Double manway splash guard Double manway splash guard
  • AK230 Sealcoat Spray System AK230 Sealcoat Spray System
  • AK230 Sealcoat Spray System AK230 Sealcoat Spray System
  • AK230 Sealcoat Spray System AK230 Sealcoat Spray System
  • AK230 Sealcoat Spray System AK230 Sealcoat Spray System
  • AK230 Sealer  Sprayer - pump and engine view AK230 Sealer  Sprayer - pump and engine view
  • AK230 Sealcoat Spray System AK230 Sealcoat Spray System
  • AK230 Sealcoat Spray System AK230 Sealcoat Spray System
  • Aluminum Pump Closeup Aluminum Pump Closeup
  • Cast Iron Pump Closeup Cast Iron Pump Closeup
  • AK230 with optional hose reel and filter kit AK230 with optional hose reel and filter kit
  • Filter Kit Filter Kit
  • asphalt sealcoating for driveways and parking lots asphalt sealcoating for driveways and parking lots
  • AK230 with optional hose reel and filter kit AK230 with optional hose reel and filter kit

AK230 Sealcoating Sprayer

Quick Overview

Sealcoat sprayer designed to spray asphalt sealer with pressure. In stock & ready to ship.

Package Price: $3,099.00

Product Name Price Qty
AK230 Residential / Commercial Sealcoat Sprayer Contractor's choice for sealing residential & commercial parking lots. 230 gallon tank covers 23,000 square feet. Fits 1 ton truck or trailer. 1 year warranty, Briggs motor, cast iron pump and more! <b>Filter Kit and Paddle Agitation Included ($725 Value)</b>
Transfer Kit For Drums or Totes Of Sealer Use this accessory to transfer sealer from 55-gallon drums or 275-gallon totes quickly and neatly. Save time!

Regular Price: $225.00

Today’s Price: $199.00

Filter Kit with Removable Filter Prevents chunks of sealer from clogging spray system nozzles.

Regular Price: $112.00

Today’s Price: $99.00

Hose Reel (Truck or Trailer Mount) <p>Add a hose reel for rolling up your 50 feet of hose quickly and neatly.</p>

Regular Price: $495.00

Today’s Price: $399.00

Wand Wizard Edger For Sealcoating Lightweight, easy to maneuver sealcoating edger for trimming driveways.

Regular Price: $249.00

Today’s Price: $225.00

Availability: In stock

Free Mixer

Get ready for a great season with the AK230 Coal Tar Spray System. This newly redesigned parking lot and driveway sealer spray system lets you seal 23,000 square foot of sealer per fill up.

The AK230 Sealcoating Sprayer is designed with the mid sized contractor in mind. It was redesigned to use Quick-Connect fittings, which allow you to assemble and disassemble the fittings in under a minute! Talk about a time saver when you need to clean or maintain your machine.

The revamped sprayer also features a redesigned engine and pump combination, optimized for perfect power performance providing precise pressure at the tip. This is the perfect spray system for someone sealing commercial parking lots as well as residential driveways. It holds 230 gallons of asphalt sealer, which provides you with 23,000 square feet of coverage with a full tank. The system is designed to work with refined coal tar sealer.

Sealcoating Sprayer: Three Modes of Operation Provides Ultimate Performance

#1 Transfer Mode: Attach the transfer kit accessory so that you can transfer asphalt sealcoat from drums to your main sealcoating tank easily. This allows you to keep sealer at your office, home or job site and simply transfer it over as needed. This allows you to stock up on sealer and always have it available for upcoming jobs without worrying about the plant being closed or having to worry about travel time to and from the plant.

#2 Re-Circulate Mode: Mixing your sealer is now simple. Simply turn the ball valve lever on the top of the pump to re-circulate mode. This will suck sealer from the bottom of your tank into your pump where the impeller will blend the sealer and then return it to the top of the tank. You’re sealer will be mixed and ready to apply. Side note: You’ll only need to re-circulate your sealer for approximately two minutes for a full mix.

#3 Spray Mode: Simply turn the ball valve on the top of the pump to “spray” and you can start spraying your sealer evenly on the asphalt surface.

Note: This system works with coal tar sealer without sand only - asphalt emulsion or spraying sealer with sand will ruin the pump and engine and will not be covered under warranty.

This sealcoating spray system includes a Launtop four-stroke engine, 2" centrifugal aluminum pump, solid 11-gauge steel construction, a welded mounting plate, 45 PSI at gun tip, 50 feet of sealer hose and a sealer spray gun with 3 spray tips, conveniently stored on a curbside welded hose hanger.

Benefits and features of the AK230 sealcoating sprayer

Sealcoating Sprayer with Power-Packed Performance

We selected a power-packed Launtop 7HP four-stroke engine and a 2" aluminium pump with standard seals and a cast-iron impeller. Upgrade to a Cast Iron Pump to get heavy-duty Viton seals and a stainless steel wearplate that lasts longer when you're spraying heavy sealer; its smaller priming cavity means it doesn't take as long to prime the pump, either. And if you're a fan of Honda's legendary reliability, you can upgrade your engine to the Honda GX160 5.5HP Engine with recoil start.

Accessorize your sealcoat sprayer to enhance the performance and management of your spray machine.

You can add a filter kit so that you filter out any unwanted chunks and prevent them from blocking the tip of your gun.

Add a hose reel. This keeps your spray hose neat so that you spend less time untangling and more time getting the job done.

You can also add a transfer kit that will allow you to transfer sealer from drums, totes or other sealer sources over to your main 230 gallon tank.

Sealcoating professional results with the AK230

Sealcoating Sprayer: Features at a Glance

(click on the specs tab above for more specific details on this sealer spray system)

230 Gallon Steel Tank: Skid-mounted with a hole drilled in each corner for mounting to your truck or trailer bed. Top lid allows for easy access to the inside of your tank. 23,000 square feet of coverage per full tank. The complete tank is leak tested and put through a stringent quality control check so you can be confident you are getting a reliable and excellent working machine.

7 Horse Power Engine: four-stroke with oil sensor alert

Sealcoat Pump: Choose aluminum or cast-iron. It pumps at a rate of 225 gallons per minute. Provides a consistent pressurized fan spray and designed for water-based sealers.

Spray Hoses and Fittings: We selected high-quality spray hoses and fittings to be sure the system isn't springing any leaks. All are leak tested prior to shipping.

Spray Gun: Similar to a pressure washer spray gun. Ball valve gun allows you to be in full control of your sealer flow to the tip. Accurate application with a fan spray that you are in control of at all times. Immediate shut off when releasing the trigger.

Spray Nozzles: Three quick connection spray nozzles are included. Two, Three and Four gallon-per-minute nozzles come with your spray system. They can be swapped off and on your gun with your hands – no tools needed.

You'll earn over $3,000 when you go through one full tank of coal tar sealer with your AK230 sealcoating sprayer. Take a look at how much profit you can make with this sealcoating sprayer. This allows you to make back your investment in no time!

Use commercial grade asphalt sealer for your sealcoating sprayer for the best performance and customer feedback. Our spray systems are compatible with coal tar sealer. They were designed for this material and is the best quality sealer that we know of in this industry. If you are using sealer from another supplier it may work with our systems, but we cannot guarantee the application of sealer of other companies as we do not know what additives them could have it them. Please call in to discuss with our experts and also talk to your supplier.

Call us for free expert advice or to place your order 1-866-399-5562.

Launtop Engine Launtop LT210 7.0HP Four-Stroke Engine with Low Oil Shutdown, Recoil Start
Honda Engine Honda GX160 5.5HP Four-Stroke Engine with Low Oil Shutdown, Recoil Start
Aluminum Pump
  • 2" Aluminum Centrifugal Pump
  • Standard Duty, EPDM Mechanical Seal
  • Cast Iron Impeller
Cast Iron Pump
  • 2" Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump
  • Severe Duty, Viton/Tungsten Mechanical Seal
  • Cast Iron Impeller
  • Stainless Steel Wear Plate
  • 130 Gallon Capacity
  • Solid 11 Gauge Steel Construction
  • Welded Engine Mounting Plate
  • Curbside Welded Hose Hangars
  • 20" Manway with Anti-Splash Inner and Outer Lids
  • 2" Flanged Suction Port, 2" FPT Recirculation Port
  • Rigid Black Powder-Coated Finish
Standard Features
  • 50' x ¾"
  • 275psi Rated Sealcoating Hose
  • 6' Ball Valve Gun w Hose Swivel
  • 2GPM, 3GPM, 4GPM Quick-Connect Spray Tips (1/Each)
  • Upper & Lower 3-Way Valves
  • Quick-Connect Cam-Lever Fittings
Pro Optional Upgrades
  • Steel Hose Reel & Mounting Bracket Kit
  • Line Strainer / Filter Kit
  • 6' Squeeze Valve Gun w Hose Swivel
  • Sealcoating Maintenance Kit
  • Agitation occurs through pump recirculation @ 165GPM
  • Spraying Pressure 45psi at Tip
Dimensions 65.5" L x37.75" W x 42.5" H
Weight (empty) 400lbs (aluminum pump)
425 lbs (cast iron pump)
Weight (full) 2930lbs (aluminum pump)
2955lbs (cast iron pump)
Manuals Download the AK230 Manual
Why do Mechanical Seals Fail?
1 Year Limited Warranty
Our 2017 Spray Systems   Fast assembly and dis-assembly with our Quick Connect fittings.
Getting your sealcoating system ready: first steps before spraying each day including mixing sealer.   Sealcoating operational procedures: transfer kit removal, and how to transfer sealer from the main tank to a 55-gallon drum.

Questions & Answers

The sprayer tip isn't spraying correctly.

Poor spraying can occur if there is something blocking the sprayer tip – this could be from a solid piece of sealer or a rock getting stuck in the sprayer tip. Sealer at the top of your tank can dry into flakes along the tank's walls, and can fall to the bottom of your tank, allowing these flakes to get pushed through into your spray gun. The flake can cause a blockage, which can result in the spray gun trickling or having multiple spray streams coming out of the tip. To avoid having to worry about tip blockages, you can get a filter kit that will take out any chunks or flakes of sealer.

The spray pump leaks.

If the spray pump is leaking, it could be a sign that your pump has been overheated from running the pump while it's dry. There is a master seal that can crack if the pump is run dry, so it is very important to only run the pump with liquid. If you're using the pump for the very first time or after not having used your system for over 24 hours, you can add a gallon of water to the pump for priming.

The oil to use.

You can use any typical 4-stroke motor oil, such as 10W30.

Priming the pump.

Why: Priming the pump is important so that you do not run the pump dry. This can lead to the pump overheating and the seals wearing out or cracking. When: You only need to prime the pump if it's the very first time you're using it, or if you haven't used your machine for a full day. How: Add 1 water gallon to the pump via the orifice and run the pump. The pump will immediately push the water through, and the force will pull in the sealer and create the appropriate suction.

Odd spray pattern.

An uneven or an odd spray pattern could be caused by a blockage / clogged tip or if the tip is very worn out. We would suggest getting new spray tips and keeping a variety of spray tips for back-ups, and to invest in a filter kit to remove unwanted sealer chunks (which will prevent clogging at your spray tip).

Agitation is not working or the system isn't spraying.

If the system isn't pulling sealer from the tank, then the sealer could be too thick. Sealer is sold as a concentrate; if using in a spray system, it needs to be diluted (20 to 30% water dilution is standard). Another thing that can cause your sealer to become too thick (if you've been properly diluting your sealer already) is water evaporation. Check the level of your sealer when you store it at the end of the day. Re-check it the next time you use your system; if the two measurements match then no water evaporation has occurred. However, if the two measurements are different, you need to add enough water to your tank to get your sealer level back to the first measurement.

If the sealer is properly diluted and there is still no agitation, check the ball valve on the output part of the pump. If it is set to direct sealer to the spray gun (or if it's broken permanently to the spray gun output), no recirculation will take place.

The sealer is foaming at the top.

Sealer will start to foam if it's being overagitated (imagine putting a milkshake into a blender and overblending it – it turns to foam!). You only need to agitate your sealer for a few minutes (2-3) at the start of each day, and perhaps for a minute at the start of your jobs.

Customer Reviews

  1. Awesome product! review by Elite Line Striping on 9/7/18

    Extremely happy with this machine I purchased a few months ago, it is super easy to use and is great quality at an awesome price! Highly recommend this machine for your sealcoating business!!!

  2. Worked Awesome review by Elite Line Striping on 8/11/18

    First job done with the new sealcoat sprayer from @asphaltkingdom! Machine worked awesome and made for a very happy customer!

    AK230 Sealcoat Spraying Machine

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AK230 Sealcoating Sprayer The 230 gallon asphalt sealcoating sprayer is ready to use, easy to operate, easy to maintain and makes you money fast! Free shipping! A9008_group AK230 Sealcoating Sprayer 3099 Asphalt Kingdom

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