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Asphalt Crack Repair Tips, Equipment & Products

Asphalt cracks are unsightly and can get expensive to repair if left for too long. That's why it's best to repair cracks as soon as they form. If you are looking to repair the asphalt at your home or business, Asphalt Kingdom has the equipment and advice you need to do the job right yourself!

The Benefits of Asphalt Crack Repair

Water is one of the worst things for asphalt cracks—once under the asphalt surface, it can erode the foundation or freeze (which causes heaving). Cracks can accumulate debris, dirt, and can start to grow weeds. Fixing cracks before they become potholes is the smartest thing to do—it also saves you money by extending the life of your asphalt.

There are only a few steps to the crack repair process:

Step 1

Clean the Cracks

First, you must clean the cracks. You can use a steel brush with 3"-bristles, a flat-headed screwdriver or a professional asphalt crack cleaning machine. Don't leave any dirt or vegetation behind to prevent a perfect seal. It is very important to clean the crack a 1/2" deep.

Step 2

Fill in Small Cracks

For small cracks that are half an inch or less, you can use our cold pour crackfiller. It shouldn't be used for large cracks, as it has a tendency to sink into the wider cracks, preventing the cracks from being properly filled.

Step 3

Repair Large Cracks

For large cracks, use our hot pour crackfiller. This crackfiller needs to be melted into a liquid state; we suggest a kettle or our AK10 gallon melter and applicator.

Watch our video to see how easy it is to fill cracks with our AK10 and hot crack filler:

start your own asphalt crack repair business

Make a Crack Repair Business or Add to Your Business

Whether you're a professional sealcoat company, a property or estate owner, landscape firm, chimney sweep,or other profession that could benefit from adding a new service to your business to increase profits, consider filling asphalt cracks for your customers.

Having both crackfilling and asphalt sealing available from one contractor means less hassle for your customers; they'll be more likely to do business with a company that makes it easy for them to get everything they need done at once. In the long term, it saves them time and money - and we're all looking to save both of those!

The AK Crack Repair Business in a Box Package....

If you are looking for a complete package for Commercial Crack Filling we have the solution that is right for you.

Crack Repair Business Package

You get the following pieces of Crack Repair Equipment and Products as part of the all-inclusive Crack Filling Package, shipped right to your door.

  • AK10 Crack Fill Melter & Applicator
  • AK30 Melting Oven
  • 4 HP Billy Goat Grazor Crack Cleaning Machine
  • 6 Boxes of AK Hot Pour Rubberized Crack Filler

Your all-inclusive AK Crack Repair Business in a box package includes ALL the crack repair equipment and products you need to start and operate your business.

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Get Help You Can Trust

Asphalt Kingdom is not new to asphalt crack repair! We've worked with thousands of clients including International Airports, Armed Forces, School Districts, Hotels, Restaurants, Contractors and so many more that needed help with their asphalt crack repair. Trust us, we can help with your unique situation.

You're definitely in the right place if you're looking for advice (1-866-399-5562) regarding asphalt crack repair. Whether you're looking for crack repair equipment or asphalt crackfiller we will guide you down a path so that you get your job done the right way and that it also matches your budget.

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