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Parking Lot
Lines Striping

Parking lot lines striping is a fast, easy way to make your property look great. All you need to get started is a paint striping machine and some paint!

For small jobs AK's Simple Line Striper and line striping paint will get the lot done quickly and accurately. Larger job or a contractor? Choose from our range of top-of-the-line paint stripers that make striping easy, fast and profitable.

Browse our Line Striping Store or start by contacting our expert staff: they'll help you choose exactly the right striper for your parking lot, and help you decide which paint you need.

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We've helped hundreds of parking lot owners just like you get the job done right. With our easy-to-use parking lot stencils and high-quality traffic paint, you can manage your business's traffic effectively.

Research before you buy! Take advantage of our experience to help you choose the best paint. Some cheaper paints on the market wear off easily and fade rapidly. AK only supplies long-lasting paint. You get the best value for the lowest price at AK.

When parking lot lines are well-marked on your pavement, cars know how to move efficiently in the parking lot, meaning more time in your place of business and less time in traffic jams. Clearly showing traffic direction, where parking is not authorized, and which spots are designated for handicapped parking helps your customers move comfortably and safely through your lot.

There are two ways to do it:

  • You can use a 4-inch paint roller and paint by hand over a chalk line you've drawn.  Buy a good quality traffic paint to ensure your results will last.
  • For a much neater and less back-breaking technique, you can use a parking lot striper to paint straight parking lines on any asphalt or concrete surface. They're available in a range of sizes depending on how much line striping you're doing. 

It is also important to have the right parking lot stencils to be able to mark special areas for a professional finish.


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Use our AK Paint Calculator to determine the amount of paint you'll need for your line striping job.

How many feet will you be striping?
What kind of paint will you be using?
Gallons needed for this job
Containers needed for this job
Total cost for paint used on this job
Amount of paint unused in the last container

Four things to consider before you paint lines on your parking lot:

Step 1

Measuring is critical.

It's important to know how much paint you'll need before you get to the job site. Call us for help determining your needs.

Step 2

Keep it clean.

You should make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned the asphalt surface from all dirt and debris. Most parking lot owners or managers invest into a gas powered blower to clean the asphalt surface. This will save a tremendous amount of time and energy versus sweeping the whole lot by hand. The gas blower can be used for a variety of different things (cleaning up leaves, cleaning asphalt, drying wet areas or puddles, etc.) so consider it an investment for your business.

Step 3

Create a solid base.

Once your asphalt surface is clean you should make sure that all your asphalt parking lot cracks have been properly cleaned and that the cracks have been properly filled. You want to make sure that water isn't getting into the cracks as this will cause the asphalt to decay very quickly.

Step 4

Consider sealcoating your parking lot.

Once you have filled the asphalt parking lot cracks, you should consider sealcoating your parking lot. Sealcoating your parking lot will protect it from the elements and also give the surface a nice clean slate black finish that will allow for your parking lot lines to stand out in the colorful way that they should.

Once you have followed the above asphalt maintenance steps, you're now ready to paint your parking lot lines and add your parking signs.

We also provide free expert parking lot striping consultations that guide you through the whole process of how to properly measure spacing between parking lines, line length, how many handicap signs should be on a lot with “X” number of parking spots, etc.)

Let us help you make your clients feel like you have invested in your business. The first impression is the most important impression.


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