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traffic paint for parking lotsFreshening up the traffic paint of your parking lot can help to increase your customer’s satisfaction and safety. Lines that have faded are difficult to see. The appearance makes a bad first impression on customers or clients. Faded markings can make a whole shopping center look dirty and old.

Make Your Parking Lot Safe

During the holiday season, it is particularly important for your customers to be able to navigate easily through your lot. Faded lines between spaces can reduce the number of actual spaces you have in your lot when a customer double parks.

Parking too close to the line because it is too hard to see is another problem. Customers will bang up each other’s car doors. While this might not have a direct effect on you, it will certainly put your customer in a bad mood; not something your sales staff will enjoy. You don’t want to be the business no one goes to because the parking is such a risk.

The safety considerations are numerous. If the lines are not bright, you will have more people driving across the lines, endangering shoppers walking to the store.

In order to control the traffic flow in your parking lot, you should have arrows and stop or yield markings on the pavement. Otherwise, there will be a number of fender benders and angry shoppers, all due to an unsafe parking lot.

Which Traffic Paint Color to Use?

White parking lot paint is used to paint lines, arrows, and words like "stop". The white color shows up best against the black pavement. You can also get reflective beads to add to the paint to increase line visibility at night.

If you have curbs or areas where people are not allowed to park, you may want to choose yellow. This is the color typically used by municipalities to indicate that an area should be avoided by vehicles.

Blue traffic paint is sometimes used to denote handicapped accessible spaces. But, in small lots, many business owners choose to use white. There may be regulations in your vicinity to consider when choosing a color. Being aware of the ordinances could save you some repainting in the future.

What Else Should You Consider?

Federal law requires that business owners have at least one designated accessible handicapped space per 25 spaces. If your lot has 50 spaces, you will need at least one van-accessible and one car-accessible space in your lot. The spaces and the access aisle next to it must be painted appropriately to prevent non-handicapped people from using the space or parking too close to it.

The best traffic paint is designed specifically for use on paved areas. If you choose a cheap variety, not specifically designed for the purpose, you will end up losing money in the long run, because you will need to repaint more often.

use traffic paint for your parking lot

Parking lot requirements are more important than ever, and not complying can cost you time and money, not to mention your reputation.

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