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Cold Asphalt Patch Repair


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Gator Patch

Fix alligator cracks, shallow holes, and cracks wider than 1/2" easily. Buy 1/2 pallet or Full Pallets and Save Huge!


Patch Asphalt - Half Pallet / 28 Bags

Our rapid-setting three-step Asphalt Patch lets you repair potholes in any season.


Cold Asphalt Patch

50lb bag of Cold Asphalt Patch for all-season asphalt patching. Patch 4 sq feet / bag.


Pothole Repair Asphalt Patch - Full Pallet / 56 Bags

Pothole repair year round with this easy-to-use cold asphalt mix. 56 bags/full pallet.


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Cold patch asphalt will fix potholes at any time of year! Not only do you get rid of an eyesore, you dramatically extend the life of your asphalt. Even more importantly, you protect the vehicles and people who need to drive, park, and walk in the area. The asphalt cold patch is simple to apply and can be done in any season. Even in winter when potholes make snow removal even more painful than usual. Why take a chance on breaking your vehicle, or a person getting hurt? Protect your asphalt and the people who use it by doing your cold patch asphalt repair today.

How To Make Your Asphalt Patch Last Longer

asphalt patch can fix potholesMaintaining asphalt surfaces is now easy for homeowners to do. There are many products available now that are easy to use, affordable, and at quantities just enough for home use. In the past, this job was automatically handed over to contractors but with the aforementioned developments, it is much faster and economical to buy asphalt maintenance products and do the job yourself.

A good example is the product named the Cold Asphalt Patch. It has made repairing potholes so easy that even those who are not into DIY home improvement projects can do it. Basically, this is an asphalt cold patch product that you just have to pour into the pothole, let it harden, and your asphalt surface becomes ready for use again. While this product provides a permanent and durable solution that can last just as long as professionally applied hot asphalt patches, there is still something that you can do in order to make the repair job last longer – applying sealcoat.

Sealcoat or asphalt sealer is a product applied after the asphalt surface. Usually, it is poured over the asphalt surface six months after hot asphalt has been applied. In the case of the repairs where hot or cold asphalt patch is used to fill up cracks or potholes, the sealcoat is applied on the patch one or two days after the repair job. With sealcoating, asphalt is protected from drying out and becoming brittle. An asphalt surface with sealcoat will not deteriorate easily even with exposure to weather changes since it is protected from the elements.

Sealcoating also starts with making sure that the asphalt surface is clean. It doesn’t matter whether a broom or a high pressure sprayer is used to clean the surface as long as the result is that the area of the asphalt patch is free from loose dirt, dead leaves, or other debris. Once clean, commence applying the sealcoat or asphalt sealer.

For sealcoating jobs after patching a pothole, doing it by hand will suffice. Thoroughly mix the sealcoat substance before applying it. Coat it over the repaired asphalt surface, making sure that it is evenly applied. As a general rule, it is best to apply a thin layer first then letting that thin layer dry out before applying the second layer. Applying a thick layer by hand carries the risk of the sealcoat not drying out correctly. Some people mix in sand with the sealcoat. The asphalt patch or the sealcoat will not last longer from the sand though. Rather, it is added to provide texture, which is sought after by those who want their asphalt surfaces less slippery.

A faster method of applying sealcoat would be with the use of a sprayer. In this instance however, it is more appropriate for when an entire driveway needs sealcoating than just a repaired pothole. A sprayer gives the advantages of faster and more even application. Mixing sand with the sealcoat is not advised when using a sprayer system. Whether sealcoating an asphalt patch or an entire driveway, it is best to do this every two to three years.

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