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AK8000 4-Ton Hot Box


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AK8000 4-Ton Hot Box

Quick Overview

The AK8000 Hot Asphalt Box keeps 4 tons of asphalt hot all day long so you can patch.

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1 Year Warranty!The AK8000 asphalt hot box is designed to keep your hot asphalt hot all day long so that you can be out patching with fresh hot asphalt, all year long. Holds 4 tons.

The Bottom Line

The AK8000 Hot Asphalt Box keeps your asphalt hot and usable for up to 14 hours!

Work year-round - even the winter cold is no match for the AK8000 Four Ton Hot Asphalt Box! This super-strong steel box is propane heated by two tiger torches so you can work efficiently.

"When I made the decision to buy the AK8000 I knew it was going to be a smart decision. I now have a 12 month per year asphalt repair business and am making over $500 per day with this asphalt hot box. An easy 6 or 7 $100 patches and you make $500 in profit, in one day. A worthwhile investment for any sealcoating contractor or paver."
- Tim Frazer (Rhode Island, USA)

The AK8000 hot asphalt box is an excellent addition to any sealcoat professional's tool kit. Use the hot asphalt box as part of your sealcoat business or as a stand alone business that helps you make fast cash.


AK8000 Hot Box Features:

  • Complete with two independent regulated heating torches@150,000 BTU’s each. Heat convects around the inside of the insulated walls and around the asphalt chamber and conducts into the asphalt.
  • Extremely well ventilated. Two vents offer better heat transfer around asphalt chamber allowing for even flowing heat into the walls which are funneled and sloped toward the shovel ports offering the user asphalt at their the end of the shovel with less effort than other designs.
  • Complete with 100% automatic safety shut down if flame goes out.
  • The unit is finished with an industrial grade heat resistant black paint.
  • The dual loading lids open from front to back allowing vehicle protection while loading asphalt at the asphalt plants.
  • Keep asphalt hot and pliable at working temperature (300 degrees + ) all day long (14 hours). Even in cold winter weather.
  • Large dual shoveling ports offer with a dual asphalt chamber allows user to work from either side while conserving heat or the capability to shovel from both sides at once.
  • One year warranty.
  • Mount the AK 8000 easily on a trailer or flat bed truck of simply slide into a dump bed and bind down for larger jobs.
  • Ships in approximately 20 business days.
Dimensions 72" wide x 66" long by 56" high
Weight (Empty) 1470 lbs
Weight (Filled) 9470 lbs
Capacity 4 tons (8000 lbs) of hot asphalt
Inner Hot Box Walls 14 gauge
Outer Hot Box Walls 16 gauge
Shovel Tray 12 gauge
Exterior Wall Heavy-duty reinforced steel
Heating Propane heated with 2 Tiger Torches (150,000 BTUs each)
Mounting Skid mounting for easy loading by forklift
Attachment 4 tie-down permanent attachments at 4 corners for securing to vehicle
Warranty 1 Year
Miscellaneous Features
  • Dual attachable shovel trays included.
  • Extremely well ventilated.
  • Angled internal walls to slide asphalt towards dual shovel ports.
  • Insulated lid and walls keep asphalt hot and usable for up to 14 hours.
  • Work all year long with hot asphalt, even during the winter.

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AK8000 4-Ton Hot Box The AK8000 Hot Asphalt Box is designed to keep asphalt hot all day long so that you can be out patching and making money all year long. AK8000 AK8000 4-Ton Hot Box 6900 Asphalt Kingdom