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Crack Filling Tips to Make Repairs Last

Parking Lot Crack RepairLooking for ways to make your crack filling efforts really last?  Here are four things you need to know and a bonus tip on why sanding cracks will help your job look more professional and last longer.

Follow these easy tips to get a better seal, every time!

Step 1 First, begin by cleaning cracks fully.  Remove any vegetation from the crack and brush out debris with a stiff brush or screwdriver. Don't skimp on this step: the more thorough you are now, the better the seal will adhere to the cracked area.
Step 2 Second, cleanse the crack with a blower or high-pressure water hose. Again, this is ensuring a better seal.
Step 3 Allow the indentation to dry thoroughly before filling it.
Step 4For cracks that are more than 1 and a half inches deep, fill the base halfway with sand.  Then apply hot or cold pour crackfiller on the top.  Shallower areas can just use hot or cold pour filler with no sand underneath, as the area they have to grip is less.
Step 5Finally, top the repaired line with sand. You can apply sand by hand or use a sand dispenser like our Sandliner Pro Crack Filling Sander.

Why use sand?

  • It makes the crack filler ready for walking on much earlier than if you don't put sand on it
  • On hot summer days, the rubber filler won't become too sticky if it has sand on it
  • It adds durability to the surface of the crack fill, making it more resistant to wear and tear
  • It helps to create a bond between sealcoating or asphalt sealer and the asphalt surface, so the crack filler doesn't repel the sealer.

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